The value of bitcoin has skyrocketed in the past decade, which has many people fearing it’s too late to begin to invest in bitcoin. However, this belief simply isn’t true. Bitcoin has incredible potential, and many experts expect that bitcoin will continue to gain value. Kentaro Roy, a flourishing investor and entrepreneur, is on a mission to educate others on bitcoin and how they can benefit financially from investing. Rather than retiring in his twenties after achieving immense financial success, Kentaro founded the Bitcoin Renaissance Podcast to help aspiring entrepreneurs and investors learn how to succeed in their endeavors. He decided that there must be a stop to gatekeeping valuable information and is making investment knowledge accessible for everyone. Kentaro interviews self-made millionaires and entrepreneurs on the Bitcoin Renaissance Podcast to shed light on the realities of growing wealth. The successful podcast host wants everyday people to understand that bitcoin investment can help anyone accomplish their financial goals with the right approach.

“Many people who have not put in the time to study and understand bitcoin often feel that they have ‘missed the boat’ on bitcoin and then try to find ‘the next bitcoin.’ As regular, hardworking, good people go down this path, they are greeted by thousands of scammers who are trying to sell them a crypto project or an account for an online exchange, which typically ends up being online casinos,” said Kentaro Roy, host and founder of the Bitcoin Renaissance Podcast. “People fall into this trap of being scammed or being encouraged to become gamblers, and unfortunately, this scam economy that has developed around crypto also taints bitcoin, as people believe bitcoin competes against all other cryptos. While this is categorically false – bitcoin actively competes against real estate, stocks, bonds, and gold – the fact that there is so much money poured into the scammers’ efforts to deceive people makes it difficult for good, regular people to get accurate information on bitcoin and its importance in the investing world.”

Listeners of the Bitcoin Renaissance Podcast will learn tips and tricks about bitcoin investment while gaining an understanding of why it’s not too late to invest in bitcoin. Kentaro has been studying bitcoin for years and wants to share his knowledge with the world. He understands what bitcoin really is – an unstoppable, non-censorable monetary network for final settlement which is open and accessible to anyone with a $50 smartphone anywhere in the world. It is a non-sovereign store of value, capped at 21 million bitcoin, meaning that its terminal rate of inflation is zero. Bitcoin is the first asset in the world with absolute scarcity, signifying that no matter how high the price goes, no one will be able to create more of it. The Bitcoin Renaissance Podcast is breaking down the barriers that are leading people to be hesitant towards bitcoin, one podcast episode at a time.

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