If there is one consistent feature among many digital marketing companies, they tend to fluctuate with time. Impermanence can be a staple of the industry as some companies fail to keep up with current trends and lose the interest of potential clientele. Kfir Amos recently announced that his internet marketing company Bay Tech Media had reached a milestone of 10 years in the industry.

While the company, which specializes in online marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and website design, is now celebrating a decade in the industry, Amos has more recently been known for his social media ventures. Traveling with Style has been active on Instagram since 2017 and has a follower count of over 650,000. However, Amos’ current focus lies with an annual rebrand for Bay Tech Media to maintain its relevance and client engagement.

The COVID-19 pandemic posed the threat of a significant setback as companies globally restricted spending on business development. Bay Tech Media has emerged from the period with a renewed public profile as it celebrates 10 years in the sector. 

“People buy new smartphones all the time,” Amos said. “Why? Because new features come with better technology. It’s the same with a company. Providing renewed opportunities for our clients is one of the main reasons we now celebrate 10 years of success.”

Amos thus credits constant innovation with the long tenure of his business compared to others in the sector. Additionally, he believes the versatility of client offerings has contributed heavily to Bay Tech Media’s longevity.

“Google advertising may not be a good fit for some clients, while LinkedIn marketing may be effective for others,” he continued. “Different opportunities create different results. That constant evolution and diversity is a huge part of our modern business.”

In some aspects, the company’s name has been the one constant across its storied history. That, combined with Amos as CEO since its foundation, has provided solidity as online trends have risen and fallen.

Even the most prominent players in the digital sphere are often reluctant to renew their offerings. Notoriously, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter maintain similar images for 5-10 years at a time. Meanwhile, Bay Tech Media has rebranded around 10 times in just as many years.

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“Other companies have been founded as long as we have,” Amos said. “But we care for each of our clients’ businesses like our own. Along with 24/7 availability, that commitment is one of our biggest reflections as we pass this 10-year milestone.”