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The iconic singer addresses a TikToker’s claim that she brings “demonic energy” to her performances.

Lana Del Rey is no stranger to the spotlight and the bizarre accusations that sometimes come with it. Recently, the famed singer found herself in the midst of an unexpected controversy – accused of witchcraft and invoking demonic energies during her concerts.

The accusation came from Traci Coston, a Christian influencer who’s no stranger to “calling out” celebrities. She claimed Del Rey’s ethereal performances were nothing short of an invitation to the sinister forces.

Lana Del Rey
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Coston took to TikTok, her digital pulpit, sharing a video that insinuated Lana’s concerts were hotspots for dark, supernatural activities. But Lana, not one to let baseless accusations slide, fired back with a dose of her signature wit and unapologetic candor.

“Darling, I might weave enchantment through my songs, but trust me, I’m more Bible-savvy than you might think,” Lana responded, asserting her familiarity with holy scriptures and dismissing the accusations of harboring dark energies.

Coston’s video was a dramatic spectacle, alluding to an incident at Del Rey’s Mexico City concert where a wave of excitement caused a ripple effect in the crowd. Yet, for Coston, this was ‘proof’ of the demonic energies allegedly summoned by the singer.

Del Rey, with a career spanning over a decade, has dabbled in the mystical allure of the unknown, the bewitching narratives that breathe an ethereal life into her music. Yet, accusing fingers like those of Coston’s have seldom found the “Summertime Sadness” singer a silent spectator.

Her response, a mix of dismissal and amusement, was captured before Coston turned off the comment section. A retreat perhaps, or a silent acknowledgment of the storm her accusations had stirred.

Lana has always balanced on the tightrope between her Christian faith and an enchantment with the mystical. Who could forget when the singer, half in jest, claimed to have hexed Donald Trump? It was a moment that lingered in public memory, blurring the lines between the whimsical and the serious.

Yet, for every dalliance with the occult, Lana’s music has been steeped in reflections on faith. A journey through her discography is a dance between the spiritual and the earthly, a testament to a soul seeking, questioning, and reveling in life’s enigmatic dance.

As the echoes of Coston’s accusations fade into the vast digital ether, Lana Del Rey remains an enigmatic figure. A woman of faith, an artist of the mystical, forever weaving narratives that transcend the ordinary, inviting listeners into a world where the celestial and the terrestrial intertwine in a haunting, beautiful symphony.