Photo: Lance Bass/Instagram

Lance Bass, with his twins and husband, getting ready for Halloween festivities.

Halloween has a special place in Lance Bass’ heart, and this year’s celebration was one he had been dreaming about for decades. The former *NSYNC star shared a delightful snapshot of his family of four dressed in their Halloween finest.

Bass and his husband, Michael Turchin, showcased their love for ‘Frozen’ with their matching costumes – Bass as Kristoff and Turchin as Sven. Their twins stole the show, with Violet dressed as the classic Disney princess, Snow White, and Alexander channelling his inner Ghostbuster as Spengler.

The joy and excitement were evident in Bass’ Instagram caption: “I’ve dreamt of this moment for 4 decades!!! Happy Halloween from Kristoff, Sven, Snow White and Spengler!! (Everyone should have to dance for their candy btw).”

Britney Spears’ connection with Bass’ twins was also evident earlier this year. She shared heartwarming photos of herself with Alexander and Violet, expressing her happiness over becoming an “auntie” to them. The memorable moment also included Spears’ ex-husband, Sam Asghari.

In an exclusive chat with us back in May, Bass shared glimpses of his adventures outdoors with the twins. From creating “core memories” to watching Alexander’s fearless exploration of playgrounds and slides, the proud dad gushed about his son’s bravery.

Christmas, too, has been a festive and love-filled occasion for the Bass-Turchin family. Last year’s celebration was marked with adorable pictures of Alexander and Violet, dressed in festive onesies, engrossed in the magic of Christmas – from admiring the tree to leaving treats out for Santa.

For Lance Bass, every moment with his family, be it Halloween or Christmas, is a cherished one. The happiness and love are palpable, reminding everyone about the true essence of these celebrations – togetherness.