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Lance Bass humorously muses on *NSYNC’s tight-knit relationship and their recent musical reunion.

Lance Bass recently shared his thoughts on *NSYNC’s enduring friendship and their approach to music since their 2004 split. This comes after the group’s recent collaboration on a song for the Trolls film.

Bass, 44, expressed his bewilderment at how other bands with tumultuous relationships manage to keep producing music. He humorously suggested that maybe a dramatic fallout would have spurred *NSYNC to reunite sooner musically.

In September, *NSYNC released “Better Place,” their first new track in over two decades, as part of the Trolls Band Together soundtrack. This followed their joint appearances at the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2018 and the 2013 MTV VMAs, celebrating Timberlake’s award.

Lance Bass Reflects
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Bass mentioned to us the possibility of an *NSYNC tour, inspired by the positive fan response and the band’s recent collaboration.

“We’re exploring ideas and are more open to it now,” he said. “The fan reaction has been a huge motivator.”

Discussing their relationship, Bass highlighted that the band has remained close, communicating regularly over the years.

“For 25 years, we’ve been a part of each other’s lives. Though meeting up physically is rare, especially all five of us, working on this project was a meaningful reunion. We’ve evolved, most of us are fathers now, adding depth to our bond,” he shared.

Reuniting in the studio felt natural to Bass, likening it to “riding a bike.”

“It was as if no time had passed. We fell back into our teenage selves, joking around, which was incredibly nostalgic. They’re my brothers, my family for life,” he added.

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