Photo: Larry Birkhead/Instagram

Dannielynn beams brightly, marking her 17th birthday in September.

Dannielynn Birkhead’s recent Halloween was unlike any other, thanks to her father, Larry Birkhead’s extraordinary efforts to create a one-of-a-kind costume.

Larry, 50, took to social media this Wednesday to walk his followers through the painstaking process he undertook to bring to life his 17-year-old daughter’s wish for an ‘Oni Sister’ costume from her favorite series, Avatoro Sentai Donbrothers.

Admitting his initial oversight in assuming the costume was readily available in stores, Larry shared, “So, I had to make it from scratch based on a 3D model. It is the first time I attempted that before, but I figure we are approaching the end of the trick-or-treat phase (or maybe not) so I told her I would try my best.”

Despite investing “hours and hours” into crafting the outfit, Larry humorously noted that Dannielynn was quick to clarify that the costume wasn’t a Power Ranger’s! Opting for a light-hearted approach, Larry admitted, “We ran out of time, so I had to leave some things unfinished, so I just went as a ‘tired Dad’.”

Dannielynn’s 17th birthday, celebrated in September, was another heartfelt occasion for the father-daughter duo. In a touching Instagram tribute, Larry expressed his pride in his daughter, highlighting her humor, intelligence, beauty, and uniqueness. He also evoked memories of Dannielynn’s late mother, Anna Nicole Smith, reiterating her probable pride in their daughter.

Larry Birkhead Goes Above and Beyond for Daughters
Photo: Stephen J. Cohen/Getty

In an interview with us earlier this year, Larry shed light on the undeniable resemblances between Dannielynn and her late mother. He pointed out their shared generosity, peculiar eating habits, and a mutual love for condiments.

The love and dedication Larry demonstrates for Dannielynn, especially in crafting unique memories like the Halloween costume, serve as a testament to their special bond. His continuous efforts to ensure his daughter remains connected to the legacy of her late mother, Anna Nicole Smith, only add to their touching narrative.