Larry Page

How rich is Larry Page?

The Westdeutsche Zeitung has already dubbed Larry Page a “revolutionary bore”. Because although the American is considered a true genius, the extremely rich Larry has the reputation of being just a bore. The computer scientist achieved a great stroke of luck with his algorithm, on which the Google search engine is based. Not only him, but also his partner Sergey Brin, with whom he founded the company Google in 1998, this circumstance made a multi-billionaire. Larry Page has an estimated net worth of 74.48 billion euros.

The entrepreneur was CEO of Google from 1998 – 2001 and 2011-2015 and after the foundation of the “Alphabet” Holding in 2015 – 2019 as CEO at the head of Google, Deepmind, Calico, Waymo and Co.

Studied computer science at Standford University

Lawrence Page received his master’s degree in computer science from Stanford University while doing his bachelor’s degree in engineering in Michigan. His wife, Lucy Southworth, also graduated from the elite university in Palo Alto, California. So Standford owes a lot to the Page family. After all, the idea for the world’s most famous search engine was born at this university. After all, the basic idea for Google was initially an important part of Page and Brin’s research. The two students thought their idea was so brilliant that they applied for a patent for it. This should turn out to be a very wise move.

There is a good reason, by the way, that Larry Page only has a master’s degree and not a doctorate like his wife, Lucy. After all, the American quickly realized what a superb idea he had and how it would revolutionize the Internet’s world. The academic put his dissertation on hold for this very reason, and Larry Page has still not finished his doctoral thesis to this day. The first investor was found in August 1998. Google started with just $ 100,000.

The career of the world-famous billionaire

When it came to the further financing of Google Inc., Larry Page proceeded very differently than most inventors do in Silicon Valley today. While many start-ups rely on a large venture capital financier, the former Google boss looked for many smaller financiers. The page didn’t want to be dependent on a big donor, but rather to keep as much control as possible over the processes at Google Inc. Therefore, the two Google founders still held most of the company when Google went public.

The IPO took place in August 2004 and made Page a multi-billionaire, at least on paper, in one fell swoop. After all, the Michigan man owned around 38 million of the coveted Google shares at the time. Especially between 2001 and 2011, under CEO Eric Schmidt’s leadership, the times were rosy for Google. Because in this decade, the company grew into one of the leading IT groups worldwide. From then on, Google no longer had just 200 employees, but the workforce rose to 24,400 people.

Google CEO 2.0 and Alphabet

In 2011 Eric Schmidt moved to the Board of Directors, and Page took over the CEO position again. He remained in this position until the umbrella organization “Alphabet Inc.” was founded in 2015 before Sundar Pichai was sworn in as the new Google CEO. Larry Page switched to the newly founded Alphabet as CEO and now had the companies’ patronage incorporated below it, such as Google, Calico, Deepmind, Waymo and Wing. On December 3, 2019, it was announced that founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin would retire from active roles. Sundar Pichai will also assume the CEO role of Alphabet in addition to Google.

Larry Page – a life with ups and downs

By the way, Larry Page seems to have inherited his talents as a computer scientist almost in the cradle. Because his father, Carl Victor Page, was a computer science professor himself, while Larry’s mother, Gloria Page, worked as a database developer. His brother, Carl Page Jr., is also an IT entrepreneur. The success of groups can be attributed to its brother, among other things, whereby Yahoo bought this company in 2000 for around 327.5 million euros. The Page sons got the gene for success on their way through life.

While Larry Page is considered one of the world’s richest people, he’s not without problems. Because in May 2013, it became known that the ex-Google boss had bilateral paralysis of his vocal cords. Also, an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto was diagnosed in 2003 by a successful IT entrepreneur. With his money, he can afford the best medical treatment and hopefully keep the disease in check somehow.