Social Media

Well, what do you all think a middle-aged man will know about the Snapchat or Tinder app. Yes, most of you are right, Nothing. I am one of that middle-aged men who know Nothing about the trends and social media platforms and tech-life for the record. Honestly, I did not feel the need to know about them for my sake, but my new kids under my supervision at my workplace need some strict monitoring in this field. At the company dinner, there was a 20-minute photoshoot of dinner. There were flash and lights, and for a second I thought, I was on a movie premier and watching the shoot of the main cast. Well, I tried to stop them and was being told not to worry as I will receive all the photos and the edited ones. So the next morning, when I opened my phone, the group chat was bombarded with tons of messages. What should I do with the 15 photos of the pizza from every angle that I ate last night? Sounds crazy, right?

So I planned to know about their trends as the next three months were planned to spend with this young generation as their instructor and I must know whats going on in their mind to keep them on the right track. The long path was to install every app, but I took the easier one using the employee monitoring feature and social media spy app to know about this shiny world. OgyMogy offers an efficient monitoring system to keep up with advanced tools and technology. I want to know about the details keep going.

Why So Much Photoshoot

It is ok to use Instagram for a company dinner that is supposed to be a relaxed time free of work. But no one is allowed to take pictures during working hours and send them to friends by using the Instagram filter and stories. The spy app offers an Instagram spy app that lets employers know about all the employees wasting time on social media during working hours. Users can know about all the posts with complete time stamp information by using this feature. 

What’s On Their Mind

Facebook has all the answers to what’s on everybody’s mind. You can know about this information as well by using the Fb spy app of the OgyMogy. It let the user know about every newsfeed activity, inbox chat, and even voice and call details. You can know who is dedicated to working outside the workplace and wasting time sharing images and videos with all the followers and online friends. 

Be The Insider

This young generation likes to gossip on group chat as well. In my time, it was during the lunch break or on our way back from work that we rant about how tough is work-life or why the boss is such an irritating person. But the kids like to do it in the chat group. The spy app offers constant message chat app monitoring features that can help employers know about the inside matters in detail through the company-owned devices. The instant message chat app covered by the spy app include WhatsApp spy app, Viber spy app, Line spy app, Kik spy app, Telegram spy app, Imo spy app, and many more.

No Time To Waste

Most kids use Snapchat, and we are here to track anyone who uses this app during working hours to skip work or waste time. 

Social media is one great shining world that has every kind of people. Some use it for entertainment, other to pass their free time and some are even using it for their business promotion. I have even made a business page for my work and plan to use these platforms for better use. You can even use other features as well, and most of all, I am going to recommend this social media spy app to my daughter, who is always worried about her teen’s online life and whereabouts. The installation process takes 3-5 minutes maximum depending upon the user end encryption and target gadget. Read more: Whatsapp web