Reality star Montana Brown has shared her alarming experience of being tracked using an AirTag, the latest technology trend. She shared her story on TikTok after a recent trip to Los Angeles for The Kids Choice Awards.

Montana, who is currently expecting her first child with boyfriend Mark O’Connor, received a notification upon landing in LA that said, “Unknown AirTag detected on your person and they are now following your location.”

Realizing that she had not attached an AirTag to her luggage, Montana checked her bag and found the device sitting at the bottom.

She emptied her bag in the bathroom and decided to flush the AirTag down the toilet, wanting to raise awareness about the issue, particularly warning women who travel alone.

Several women have shared similar stories on TikTok, and one user even revealed that she was tracked to her house by an unknown AirTag.

Unfortunately, she was unable to disable the device and receive help from local authorities. This makes it even more important to be aware of the potential dangers of AirTags and take precautions to protect oneself.

Apple acknowledged last year that there were reports of bad actors attempting to misuse AirTags for malicious or criminal purposes. 

The company has implemented safeguards to prevent unwanted tracking and has been working with various safety groups and law enforcement agencies to update AirTag safety warnings and protect against further unwanted tracking.

Montana’s experience has raised awareness of the issue, and her followers have expressed their concern and support for her. One commented, “How scary! You did the right thing!” Another expressed fear for people without an iPhone, who would not receive the notification, writing, “Can’t wrap my head around it!” Montana’s experience serves as a reminder to keep one’s wits about them and be cautious, especially when travelling alone.