Photo: Victoria's Secret

Mariah Carey, the queen of Christmas, dazzling in Victoria’s Secret’s festive ensemble.

Victoria’s Secret’s new holiday campaign radiates glitz, glamour, and Mariah Carey’s iconic Christmas charm.

Celebrating her favorite season in style, 54-year-old Mariah Carey has teamed up with the renowned brand to don their festive holiday-themed wear, including sultry corsets, elegant cami sets, plush robes, and glamorous slip dresses.

Quote: “From the seasonal colors to the vibrant glam—I definitely felt the holiday spirit all around me,” Carey joyously expressed to Vogue, as she unveiled the campaign.

The promo images offer fans a glimpse of Carey in her element. She embodies the holiday spirit, showcasing pieces predominantly in the trademark candy-cane-red shade. In one standout photo, the “Oh Santa!” singer is seen playfully flipping her hair, embracing the new collection.

Mariah Carey
Photo: Victoria’s Secret

Yet, Carey’s festive flair doesn’t stop there. In a delightful image, she poses alongside two adorable dogs, flaunting a chic two-piece lingerie set, paired with a luxurious robe. Another snapshot captures her lounging in a shimmering gold lingerie cami slip dress, exemplifying holiday glamour.

Quote: “One of my favorite looks was the gold set with these beautiful, intricate embellishments. It really felt like holiday glamour when I put it on,” she gushed about the collection.

The multi-platinum artist shared that her holiday wardrobe is all about “glamorous styles” that enhance the festive season’s essence. One of the standout pieces, a vivid red corset, may just be her pick for a festive soirée, as she fondly noted its satin bows that evoke the thrill of unwrapping a gift.

Mariah Carey Sparkles in Victorias
Photo: Victoria’s Secret

On the first of November, Mariah Carey heralded the arrival of the festive season in her signature style. In an engaging video, she emerges from an ice block, excitedly announcing, “It’s…… TIME!!!” To the delight of fans, her timeless classic, “All I Want for Christmas Is You”, played in the background, featuring her twins, Moroccan and Monroe, adorned in festive lights, joining the merry scene.

Over the years, Carey has positioned herself as Christmas’s iconic star. Her illustrious song, “All I Want for Christmas Is You”, not only celebrated its 25th anniversary at No. 1 but also graced the No. 1 position on Billboard’s Greatest of All Time Holiday 100 Songs list last year.

Mariah Carey Sparkles in Victorias Secrets Festive
Photo: Victoria’s Secret

Moreover, Carey’s festive spirit extends beyond music. October saw her launch a cozy holiday campaign with The Children’s Place, partnering with her twins for a pajama collection. While discussing this collaboration with us, she shed light on her unique Christmas celebrations.

Quote: “We have our traditions, like rolling in the snow, jumping in the hot tubs… we’re all kind of daredevils,” she disclosed.

For Carey, Christmas is synonymous with love, family, and togetherness. “All of us spending time together is more than enough as a gift,” she heartwarmingly shared.

This collaboration signifies that Mariah Carey’s Christmas reign is unyielding, proving she remains the unrivaled queen of the festive season.