Photo: Mariah Carey/ Instagram

Mariah Carey, the renowned “All I Want for Christmas Is You” sensation, elegantly clad in a white quilted mini dress, holds her two white-haired Jack Russell terriers.

Twinning is winning, especially when the fabulous Mariah Carey and her adorable Jack Russell terriers are involved!

Recently, the 54-year-old iconic singer took to Instagram, unveiling a delightful picture where she’s seen donning a chic white quilted mini dress. The outfit flawlessly compliments the pristine fur of her two Jack Russell terriers. Mariah’s caption was equally charming: “Me and DemPuppies ❤️🐶🐶,” as she gracefully cradled one pooch in each arm.

Mariah Careys Matchy Matchy Moment with Her Pooches
Photo: Mariah Carey/ Instagram

Mariah’s adoration for her furry companions is no secret to her legion of fans. This past May, her followers were treated to a heartwarming snap of Mariah getting some quality snuggle time with the duo. “A little moment before the studio,” she playfully captioned the post, making sure to include those endearing dog emojis.

Moreover, a month earlier, she took to her social media to show off her cuddle session with one of the canines, captioning it: “With my bestie 🐶.”

The songstress’s love for animals doesn’t end with dogs. Recently, Mariah introduced her fanbase to the newest feline members of the Carey household: two captivating light orange kittens named Nacho and Rocky Jr.

Sharing the delightful news on X (previously known as Twitter), the diva posted a snapshot of her alongside her 12-year-old twins, Monroe and Moroccan — fathered by Nick Cannon — all of them happily cradling the kittens. As always, Mariah had a touch of nostalgia, quoting her classic 1991 hit, “Can’t Let Go”: “Summer prolonged… even though I try, I can’t let go!”

The post was brimming with cuteness as it also featured the singer and her daughter, Monroe, sharing a candid pool moment. Clad in vibrant wetsuits, with Carey sporting pink and Monroe in blue, the two seemed to be having a gala time, seated on foam noodles.

Recently, during her promotional spree for the new holiday venture with The Children’s Place, the Grammy laureate indulged in a heart-to-heart with PEOPLE, reflecting on the fleeting nature of time and the joys of watching her twins mature. “Don’t rush all of our lives,” she quipped jovially. “They’re still 12.”

Mariah, fondly referred to as the “Butterfly” maestro, couldn’t hide her pride and affection as she spoke about Monroe and Moroccan, saying, “They’re good, nice kids.” She added, “They’re kind-hearted people, and I cherish every moment with them, observing them blossom into the beautiful individuals they’re destined to be.”