Most people who start a business do so with the thought of success in their minds. They want to accomplish big things, but it’s easier said than done, and some struggle to reach their goals. However, one successful serial entrepreneur, Nate Peterman, has made scaling a business from zero to six figures look easy. His relentless passion for working with people and willingness to push hard for what he believes in led to the start and success of Symba Marketing, a branding agency run by Nate and Daniel Kiani. The duo collaborated to turn Symba into a branding and creative agency that’s worked with more than 300 clients worldwide, including major influencers from different countries. So, how did it all begin?

Since he was a child, Nate Peterman has been self-motivated and up for a challenge. Known for participating heavily in different sports growing up, he enjoyed proving doubters wrong while doing everything possible to succeed at different things he tried. In addition to competing in sports, he started to record motivational content and post it on YouTube at only 13 years old, maintaining a positive mindset that would follow him throughout his young adult years.

“I worked several jobs between the ages of 17 and 20, such as Sheetz, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and even McDonald’s. I considered these jobs stepping stones to get me to where I’m at today. While holding these traditional jobs, I started to get involved in three different network marketing companies, which then led me on the path behind starting Symba Marketing,” says Nate Peterman. “While Daniel and I initially used software, we would eventually transition into what our clients know us for today, a branding and creative agency helping businesses gain a competitive edge in some of the most cutthroat industries.”

While success doesn’t typically happen overnight for most people, Symba Marketing continued to grow and expand rapidly. When asked why he believes the business has done exceptionally well, even during times of uncertainty due to economic downturns, Nate had this to say, “One thing Symba has gained a reputation for doing is putting the needs of our clients first. We don’t see our clients as numbers; we see them as people who depend on us for help. We’ve never had to pay for advertisements for our business yet still managed to grow at such a steady and fast pace because of customer satisfaction.” The word-of-mouth referrals have made it possible for Symbal Marketing to grow into a six-figure business in no time. “If you want to have a successful business, you need to love what you do and be there for the customers. If you prioritize your customers and exceed their expectations, they’ll undoubtedly help you get further from word-of-mouth referrals. Don’t underestimate the power of good customer service. It means everything in business!”

Nate Peterman continues to operate Symba Marketing with his co-founder, Daniel Kiani. He has also released a book, Success Secrets for the Young Entrepreneur, to help inspire the younger generation to do what they love for a living.