The human body has the incredible ability to fight off illness and heal after an injury. Although our bodies are powerful, they can’t do everything on their own.

We have to support our bodies’ health by eating nutritious foods. There are a few types of foods that can supercharge our health. Those foods include the ingredients in SomaDerm®, a hormone-supportive supplement from New U Life.

New U Life was started to support people in achieving whole body health through natural ingredients. During a recent conversation, Alexy Goldstein, founder of New U Life, explained how SomaDerm does that, stating the following:

“SomaDerm includes eight types of herbs that have been used across cultures for their medicinal properties for hundreds of years. We’ve done research to determine which herbs will work together effectively to support health, and we came up with the ingredient list for SomaDerm.”

Each ingredient in SomaDerm is an herb with specific properties that support your body’s health.

Here are the eight herbs in SomaDerm:

1. Velvet Bean Seed

The velvet bean seed has been referred to as a magic bean because of its many different beneficial properties. One of those properties is its anti-inflammatory effects. The decreased levels of inflammation also improve joint health.

This herb is native to Africa and Asia. In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, this seed has been found to be a mood stabilizer, increasing both dopamine and serotonin in the body. These chemicals decrease stress and increase pleasure and peacefulness.

2. Green Tea

Many people have consumed green tea as a drink, but it also has benefits when applied to the skin, as it is in SomaDerm. One of its main benefits is helping with weight management. Green tea helps people maintain a healthy weight by amplifying fat-burning hormones.

It’s also a powerful antioxidant that increases the level of norepinephrine in the body. Higher levels of norepinephrine have been shown to support the breakdown of fat.

3. Licorice Root

You might be familiar with licorice in the form of candy, but it’s actually a powerful nutritional herb, as well. Similar to green tea, licorice root decreases inflammation.

In fact, a 2014 study proved that licorice root lowers the risk of cancer in patients. Not only does this herb lower the risk of cancer, but it also may keep you from getting cavities.

In 2017, several clinical trials were run to study the impact of licorice root on metabolism. These trials found that this herb can reduce BMI and body weight in patients who are over a healthy weight.

4. Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba comes from a tree native to China. This plant has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine. It is a powerful antioxidant and is highly effective at reducing inflammation in the body, especially for specific conditions. Goldstein explained why ginkgo biloba is such an important ingredient in SomaDerm:

“One of the most impressive effects of ginkgo biloba is its ability to neutralize free radicals. Free radicals in the body are unstable atoms that can cause damage to cells and speed up the aging process. Neutralizing them is important for healthy aging.”

5. Chaste Tree Fruit

The berries from the chaste tree fruit are used to regulate hormones.

This plant is common throughout the tropics and subtropics. Researchers have found this plant decreases the levels of the hormone, prolactin, in the body. This helps for regulating mood and menstrual symptoms.

6. Aloe Vera

The ancient Egyptians referred to aloe vera as the “plant of immortality” because of its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. Aloe vera is commonly used to treat burns, especially sunburns. It soothes and nourishes the skin, healing any damage done by the sun.

Goldstein went on to explain how aloe vera is used in SomaDerm, saying, “The SomaDerm recipe includes the perfect proportions for each ingredient. An ingredient like aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties that work together with all the other ingredients to reduce inflammation in every part of your body.”

7. Epimedium

Epimedium has been called by many names including yin yang huo, barrenwort, and even horny goat weed. It’s a flowering plant that’s used in traditional Chinese medicine. This herb has so many benefits, it’s practically a super-plant. It’s able to keep bones strong, protect nerves, and support the immune system. It’s also known to decrease fatigue.

The reason epimedium is able to benefit so many things in the body is that it contains chemicals that increase blood flow. The increase in blood flow helps the body run properly.

8. Wild Yam Root

Wild yam root contains diosgenin, a naturally occurring steroid that can be used as a natural alternative to progesterone creams. For centuries, people have used this plant to treat menstrual cramps, upset stomachs, and coughs.

Wrapping up our conversation, noted Goldstein, “Each ingredient in the recipe has been used by people for health benefits for a long time, but this is the first time these ingredients have been combined in this way with these proportions. Each of the ingredients supports the properties of the other ingredients, leading to a well-rounded supplement that leads to holistic health.”