Photo: Nikki Garcia/Instagram

Capturing a joyous moment, retired WWE icon Nikki Garcia, radiant with happiness, is pictured with her adorable toddler, Matteo.

Fall is in the air, and Nikki Garcia isn’t missing a beat to bask in all its glory with her little one, Matteo! The renowned 39-year-old, known in the WWE universe as Bella, is painting Instagram with hues of autumn joy and toddler giggles.

In her latest share, we’re invited into a slice of Nikki’s world, illuminated by the infectious smile of 3-year-old Matteo, the beloved son she shares with Artem Chigvintsev. Their candid selfies paint a picture of pure, unfiltered happiness.

Two gleaming smiles light up the frame – young Matteo’s eyes, as vivid and endless as the ocean, steal the show, while Nikki’s eyes, concealed behind stylish sunglasses, hold a world of maternal adoration.

As we scroll, we’re treated to a snapshot of Matteo, looking every bit the autumn prince in his orange Henley, cozy flannel, and the cutest pumpkin sticker. The little champ is deeply engrossed in the serious business of savouring a waffle.

“Immersed in the magic of harvest and Halloween with my darling Matteo 🥰🍂🎃🍂🍩,” Nikki pens down, wrapping each word in affection.

Nikki Garcia Embraces Autumns Joy with Her Son Matteo
Photo: Nikki Garcia/Instagram

Fast rewind to a conversation Nikki had with us last December. Matteo was stepping boldly into his “toddler stage”, a chapter echoing with his blossoming curiosity. Every drawer opened, every garden tool handled was a new adventure, a mystery unfolding.

The WWE alum was, and still is, his enthusiastic companion in these exploratory missions, answering the silent “whys” with patient demonstrations. Nikki admits, “It’s like watching the world through his eyes, everything is fascinating, a discovery waiting to happen.”

Nikki Garcia
Photo: Rodin Eckenroth/Getty

Entertainment might be Nikki’s forte, but Matteo, he’s her world. The rhythm of her life, the flights she books, every schedule, is choreographed to the soothing lullabies of his nap times, the playful giggles of his awake moments.

She spills the secret – a sleep trainer introduced when Matteo was six months old. That intervention was a game-changer. “She didn’t just train him; she educated me,” Nikki confesses.

Every schedule is a careful orchestration ensuring Matteo’s rest and activity. The secret weapon to navigating the bustling life of entertainers with a toddler in tow? Keeping him engaged, unleashing his boundless energy into playful strides on the streets, or artistic creations at home.

“We’re a symphony, all three of us. Every note, every pause, harmoniously falling into place,” Nikki reflects, the pride and love illuminating her words as vividly as the fall sun illuminating their playful days.

Every snapshot, every shared giggle, isn’t just an Instagram post; it’s a chapter in the heartwarming narrative of Nikki and Matteo, painted in the golden hues of autumn love.