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Voigt shines as the first Venezuelan-American Miss Utah.

The world, meet your new Miss USA 2023! Noelia Voigt, the dazzling Miss Utah, clinched the prestigious title in a star-studded event at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada.

With grace and elegance, Voigt outshone runner-up Savannah Gankiewicz of Hawaii and second runner-up Alexis Loomans of Wisconsin to embrace the coveted crown, presented by Morgan Romano, the reigning Miss USA 2022.

“The culmination of my seven-year pageant journey is this surreal moment,” shared an elated Voigt on Instagram. “Every stride, every stumble, has led me here. And in this moment, I am unburdened by nerves, ready to connect, engage, and unveil the entirety of Noelia’s world!”

In a heartfelt reflection earlier in July, Voigt expressed her pride in being the pioneering Venezuelan-American Miss Utah. “It’s a badge of honor, a bridge connecting diverse communities, thanks in part to my ability to converse in Spanish with Utah’s substantial Hispanic populace,” she shared.

This year marked the inauguration of Laylah Rose as Miss USA’s president, introducing a fresh wave of changes to the iconic event.

Noelia Voigt of Utah Crowned Miss USA
Photo: Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock

Rose, a renowned fashion designer and helm of the VIP Pageantry TV network, highlighted a significant shift in the pageant’s judging criteria. She’s tipped the scales, assigning a hefty 50% weight to the interview round, leaving the swimsuit and evening-gown rounds at 25% each.

“We’re peeling back the layers, delving deeper into the essence of our delegates. It transcends aesthetics; it’s a soulful, holistic engagement,” Rose explained, emphasizing the enriched focus on the individual narratives and journeys of the contestants.

Noelia Voigt of Utah Crowned
Photo: Miss Usa/Instagram

The final question, too, has undergone a transformation. It’s now a moment of glory, free from the clutches of political undertones. Moreover, Tally Genie’s introduction promises an era of transparency and integrity in the voting process.

Last year’s crown, claimed by R’Bonney Gabriel – the first Filipino-American Miss USA, was marred by allegations of rigging, casting shadows on her subsequent Miss Universe 2022 win. Gabriel, however, stood tall amidst the storms of controversy.

“I am anchored in truth, unfazed by perceptions and misinterpretations,” Gabriel asserted. The resilience she displayed in the face of adversity has become a narrative of inspiration and courage.

Noelia Voigt
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As we celebrate Voigt’s triumphant ascent to Miss USA 2023, we are also reminded of the relentless spirit of figures like Gabriel. Their journeys, steeped in tenacity and grace, echo a resounding message – every dream, no matter how lofty, is valid and attainable.

So, with the crown gleaming on Voigt’s head and the echoes of applause filling the air, the world isn’t just witnessing the crowning of a queen. It’s an intimate glimpse into a narrative of perseverance, diversity, and the unyielding radiance of the human spirit.