Reason Behind The Severity Of Newport Beach Dogbite Cases Involving Children

(Photo by: Freepik)

Dog bite cases are not very uncommon nowadays. Sometimes it mightn’t pose much risk to the injured, but there are cases where immediate medical attention and hospitalization tend to become a mandate. While the severity of the injury might include both the adults and the children, it is most often the children who suffer from catastrophic consequences of dog bite accidents. There are numerous reasons behind this, but before moving on to them in detail, it is essential to know how to deal with dog bite cases involving children. The first step would be to contact a personal injury attorney and discuss the matter on the first free case consultation.

Why Are Children More Vulnerable To Catastrophic Dogbite Injuries?

Below are the two main reasons why children run the risk of suffering severe injuries as compared to adults.

Short Height 

As a result of their short height, the faces of children come at the same level as that of the dog’s mouth, making them more vulnerable to facial injuries. The severity of such injuries might also lead to permanent facial impairment. Therefore such injuries often leave the children disfigured for the rest of their lives.

Lack Of Strength

It is an obvious fact that children will lack the strength of an adult to fight against a dog attack. Moreover, the injuries are generally devastating not only because of their lack of strength but because of the smaller size of the limbs and hands, which makes it more accessible for the dog to catch hold of in their mouth. As a result, severe wounds usually occur in the children’s hands, arms, and legs. 

Common Dogbite Injuries Suffered By Children

Along with facial injuries, children are also vulnerable to dog bite injuries such as torn tendons and ligaments, broken bones, nerve damage, and eye injuries. All these injuries require long-term medical attention, which might be quite costly. Although one might get benefits from health insurance, it is advisable to contact an attorney to determine if one is eligible for a dog bite case.

Final Thoughts

Not only do dog bite cases harm the child physically, but there might also be some mental repercussions resulting from the attack. This is especially because children often lack the emotional maturity to cope with the trauma of the attack. Common problems might include PTSD, depression, and anxiety. These require long-term therapies and counseling that would prove mostly in the long run. Speak to an attorney to seek necessary legal advice on the compensation claims.