Something that is guaranteed to never go out of style is good jewelry. A meaningful piece that is well made can be worn and passed down for years, bringing joy for generations after it is purchased. But finding quality accessories that are unique can be a challenge, especially in a market that’s hyper-focused on trends. 

But one artist is pouring her soul into making unique jewelry built to last, in the form of hand-painted eyeballs. Rhys Kelly works hard to paint replicas of eyes for her customers, which can be set in pendants, rings, and accessories. No two eyes are the same, which means each piece of hand-painted jewelry is different. Kelly’s goal is to ensure her customers feel a sense of individuality when they wear the custom jewelry, and that their differences are celebrated. 

“Every person is unique. No two people can look exactly the same, and no two eyes look exactly the same. So, I took this concept and applied it to the jewelry I create,” Rhys Kelly said about her art. “I want each customer of mine to feel like a unique individual when they wear the jewelry I create. We are all unique in our own way, and I create jewelry that celebrates our differences.”

Every piece of jewelry is made to order by Kelly and is one-of-a-kind. Kelly specialises in hand painting eyes to match anyone’s eye color. Each work of art is made with love specifically for the customer who ordered it. What separates this work from the competition is that everything is made from the heart.  

“I don’t believe in fast fashion,” Rhys Kelly said. “I believe everything I create is a unique work of art, and I don’t believe in producing massive amounts of the same product just to profit. Every piece I make is made with the utmost love and care. I put my entire soul into my art.”

Everything Kelly makes is created with intense attention to detail and care, something you won’t get at a department store. Giving the customer something valuable that they can pass down to others is the goal. To make them even more unique, orders can be customized with details like opals, diamonds, or sparkles. No two pieces are alike, just like no two eyeballs are alike.

“No one sees the world in the same exact way, yet we all experience love and loss,” Rhys Kelly said. “Too often we are wrapped up in our own little worlds that we discredit the perspectives of those around us. My goal is to bring awareness to everyone’s unique perspective and remind myself and others to listen and observe before making assumptions or judgments.”

The unique pieces make great accessories for yourself or as thoughtful gifts for others. Kelly’s mission is to make pieces of wearable art that can be enjoyed for years to come. Not only are the pendants long-lasting, but they also capture a person’s differences and individuality. They’re perfect for anyone looking for something meaningful and sentimental.