Photo: Photo: Rumer Willis/Instagram

Actress Rumer Willis shares her reflections on a transformative year and her journey into motherhood.

Rumer Willis, 35, took to Instagram on Friday to share a heartfelt reflection on her experiences and milestones throughout 2023, a year she describes as “incredibly dynamic.” In a detailed post accompanied by serene bathtub selfies, Willis opened up about her journey of self-discovery and major life changes.

“Finding my way back to myself…. Last year was incredibly dynamic, I grew a human being, gave birth at home (with no drugs) surrounded by my family,” Willis began. She then touched upon her new relationship during her pregnancy and postpartum period, and her growing bond with her 8-month-old daughter, Louetta Isley, whom she shares with partner Derek Richard Thomas.

Willis detailed a list of her personal achievements and experiences, including embracing her vulnerabilities, engaging in early morning ocean swims, exploring the depths of real intimacy, and reaching a significant milestone of seven years of sobriety. She humorously added, “showed myself [I’m] not a weenie hehe,” reflecting her newfound strength and self-acceptance.

The actress also highlighted the importance of family in her life, especially following her father Bruce Willis’ diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia in February. She shared moments of connection with her father, learning from her mother Demi Moore, and celebrating her first Mother’s Day. “I found strength in myself I didn’t know existed and watched my daughter grow in front of my eyes,” she expressed.

Rumer Willis Reflects on Motherhood Sobriety and Family Moments
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Willis concluded her post with an optimistic outlook on the future: “I don’t know what this next year will bring but man I can’t wait to see what’s next.”

Earlier in the week, Willis had shared Instagram photos from a family getaway, featuring her daughter and Thomas, showing gratitude for her “tiny family.” In a previous interview with us, Willis talked about the significance of passing down the “magic” of her family to her daughter, cherishing the moments with her parents and watching them interact with Louetta.