Sarah P. Antonella is a successful woman, business owner, and bestselling author. She is the millennial CEO of a global agency and a renowned business strategist for her positive, high-energy personality, integrity, and business savvy. Sarah also has a passion for sharing her expertise and business knowledge with others. She has made appearances on numerous shows, including podcasts where she shares more about the business world. She has also been to different countries, including United Kingdom, Dubai, and some European countries, where she enlightens her audience more about business success. 

Level Up is Sarah’s debut book in the writing industry, and it greatly impacts lives. In the book, Sarah has gone the extra mile with her business wisdom, where she hopes to inspire and help others find their success. She brings unique business perspectives that she has gained in the competitive commercial landscape. She also expounds on her experience as a competitive ice figure skater and team coach, where she was focused on going to the Olympics. 

Level Up also covers her life journey, overcoming childhood bullying at school and church to find her identity as a bi-racial, half-Caucasian, half-Asian millennial woman in business. This also includes an insight into her personal growth journey and irrefutable business lessons, challenging the reader to embrace who they are, do the inner healing work, and apply the actions to level up in their life and business.

In her book, Level Up, Sarah also shares with the reader some practical ways to improve their confidence, communication, and client interaction, which are essential for survival in business. Positive self-esteem is one of the personal attributes that everyone needs to possess, and Sarah has also gone ahead to share how best to build it by yourself. She has also shared some of the resilience tips she leveraged to overcome bullying in school, which she believes can be essential in business.

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Sarah says that she still relies on some of the tips discussed on the space to build on her business empire. It’s what has helped her scale from a start-up to generating seven figures in sales within a few years. 

Level Up is divided into five expansive chapters that bring together the key components to leveling up in your business and personal life. Some of the top attributes she highlights include self-worth, resilience, growth mindset, relationship building, and cultivating harmony in one’s life. 

According to her, Level Up will help you understand how best to foster confidence within yourself and channel that positive energy into levelling up your business. This is by making you comfortable investing in your products or services. Level Up also imparts the best practical steps that most successful and ambitious entrepreneurs tap into to help them declutter their minds, cope with emotions, and continue their sense of balance in life. 

Sarah also brings to the table the essentials of networking and building relationships in business. She explains why you need to establish relationships in business and the key to creating business trust and rapport that can lead to customer loyalty and business power.

More significantly, Sarah advises on the importance of keeping your head up and soldiering on despite the challenges that come your way. She believes in never giving up as life is always full of trials. 

You should undoubtedly grab yourself a copy of Level Up to level up in your business.