Muhammad Azhar

First and foremost, what exactly is success? Isn’t it all about getting to the goal? Unfortunately, many business people began their careers without understanding the pivot point for success. They had to take a longer route to get back on track. The one from which they could quickly progress to success.

Questions asked from Muhammad Azhar

On the other hand, people like Muhammad Azhar believed in working on visions – ones that would pave the way to success. Muhammad Azhar is from Pakistan’s outskirts, and he is under 30 years old and has accomplished everything he set out to do. What inspired him to start Living Gossips, his website, is a question he is frequently asked. What challenges did he have to overcome to get this far? How did you find the transition from being nothing to someone on whom people rely?

Answers by Muhammad Azhar

He justifies all of the questions mentioned above. Understand the dynamics of getting closer to success, he said. Also, don’t give up hope while you’re on your way to your destination. Most importantly, ensure that you are not giving up or tiring yourself out after reaching the predetermined milestone.

Muhammad Azhar’s Challenge to Launch a Website Before the Age of 30 – Living Gossips

Muhammad Azhar told about his success story. He explained that coming from a low-income family and falling into the middle-class societal norms have nothing to do with your dreams. If your plans are more significant than your hunger and you are constantly thirsty to satisfy your needs through success, this is the place for you!

You will get everything you will set out to do, no matter how difficult the obstacles are. Similarly, after completing some SEO courses, he worked in various offices to gain experience. But that was only the beginning. He desired to be the sole owner of his website. Knowing this, he began freelancing with a clear vision and mind. Clients wanted something completely different, and his work in the office was completely different.

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The first challenge began when he learned everything from the ground up using social media platforms such as YouTube. After gaining knowledge, he started hiring freelancers and said goodbye to corporate slavery. He is now the owner of Living Gossips, his website, and an entrepreneur.

What Motivated Muhammad Azhar to create Living Gossips?

When asked what inspired him to start Living Gossips, he always had the same answer: To help others prosper by providing them with jobs that would allow them to live a better life. Not only that, but he also intends to train amateurs who are entirely new to this world. Muhammad Azhar is an unsung hero who makes significant contributions to the Pakistani community.

We have an idea for you if you are one of his followers or want to become one. Why don’t you go to living gossip’s official website ( and see if you’re going to hire him or learn something from him? To do so, follow him on Instagram ( ) and send him a direct message to get a response.