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Shannen Doherty, the cherished ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ star, who is courageously living with metastatic stage 4 cancer, has thoughtfully contemplated her after-life wishes, revealing her desire for a unique final resting place.

In a heart-to-heart on her podcast, Let’s Be Clear, Doherty, alongside her closest friend and executor of her will, Chris Cortazzo, delved into the details of her final arrangements. “This might sound a bit grim, but it’s actually quite fascinating,” she began. “I’ve decided I want to be mixed with my beloved dog and my dad. I don’t fancy a traditional burial or cremation.”

Doherty is intrigued by the idea of her remains becoming part of nature. She’s drawn to the concept of transforming into a tree or resting in a location that holds sentimental value, particularly somewhere in Malibu, California, where she and her father shared precious moments.

Shannen Doherty
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When it comes to her funeral, Doherty envisions a more intimate gathering, emphasizing quality over quantity in her guest list. “There are many who might feel obliged to attend, but I don’t necessarily want them there,” she expressed candidly. “I’d prefer my funeral to be a genuine celebration of love, not an obligation. I want it to be a joyous occasion, not marred by insincerity or hidden relief at my passing.”

Doherty, who initially faced breast cancer in 2015 and entered remission in 2017, before the disease’s return in 2019, revealed her stage 4 diagnosis in 2020. In a heartfelt conversation with us last year, she shared her unwavering zest for life despite her cancer journey.

“I’m far from done with living. There’s still so much love, creativity, and change I want to experience and inspire,” she shared. “My journey isn’t over yet.”

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