Photo: Sharna Burgess/Instagram

Dance champion Sharna Burgess and partner Brian Austin Green make their bond permanent with matching tattoos.

Sharna Burgess is proudly sporting a new tattoo, a heartfelt tribute to her baby boy, Zane Walker. At 38, the professional dancer has marked this new chapter of her life with ink that carries deep personal significance, which she first hinted at while unveiling a matching tattoo with her fiancé, actor Brian Austin Green, last month.

On Wednesday, Burgess took to Instagram to unveil the design process and the completed tattoo—a delicate piece featuring Zane’s name, flanked by symbols representing life’s path and unconditional love.

“The Muse > The designing > The work > The Artist,” she chronicled. “Zane Walker Green 🥹.”

Burgess had earlier opened up about the emotional challenge of leaving Zane and Brian at home, as she embarked on a long-awaited girls’ trip while her son was healing from hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD).

“New emotional experience unlocked… the mom guilt for leaving is unreal,” she confessed on an Instagram Story. But with Green’s encouragement, she embraced the much-needed break, reassured by his unwavering support and their shared parenting dedication.

Sharna Burgess Reveals
Photo: Jon Kopaloff/getty, Sharna Burgess/Instagram

Green, already a father to four from previous relationships, has found a harmonious co-parenting rhythm with Burgess and his ex, Megan Fox. On the Oldish podcast, he commended the trio’s dynamic, emphasizing their communicative and non-personal approach to parenting.

“It’s about creating the healthiest environment possible for the kids,” Green reflected, acknowledging the inevitable impact of separation or divorce on children. The key, he believes, lies in the manner it shapes their experience—fostering a loving environment over one of conflict and strife.

The actor stressed the importance of keeping kids out of parental disputes, focusing instead on a child-centric approach. “It always has to be about the kids,” he affirmed, a sentiment that Burgess and Fox share in their collective parenting journey.