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“Honestly, I’m just maturing. I’m approaching 34 with two children; what exactly are you anticipating?!” was her stern message on Instagram.

Shenae Grimes-Beech has had enough of the unsolicited opinions regarding her looks.

On Thursday, the 33-year-old Canadian actress opened up in a detailed Instagram video, addressing the derogatory remarks concerning her appearance and the trials of growing older while constantly under public scrutiny.

“Here’s a little insight for you. If you stumble upon a woman over 30 on this platform and she doesn’t show slight signs of aging,” she mentioned while showcasing the fine lines near her eyes and on her forehead, “it’s highly probable that she’s undergone facial enhancements.”

The star, known for her roles in popular series like Degrassi and 90210, highlighted in her post how she frequently receives criticism for “aging poorly” whenever she shares “a throwback snippet” from her youthful acting days.

“The reality is… I am maturing. Being nearly 34 and a mother of two, what exactly do you anticipate?” she responded fiercely in the video caption.

“My facial expressions are dynamic, and yes, I have lines to show for it,” she emphasized during her message. “You’re pitting me against individuals who have resorted to chemical assistance to prevent the natural progression of lines formed by gravitational pull and hereditary factors.”

She clarified in her message that her intention was not to “criticize” individuals who opt for Botox treatments, but to plead for a greater level of honesty about the procedures undertaken, particularly on platforms that have a profound impact on others.

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“We’ve grown accustomed to the illusion that such a look is achievable without any facial interventions,” she commented.

“Is it too much to ask for a smidge more transparency in the matter?” she pondered aloud. “Because it leads to people scrutinizing themselves online, pondering, ‘Why do I appear aged? What exactly is wrong with me?’ or individuals like myself who are on the receiving end of disparaging remarks regarding perceived accelerated aging.”

Grimes-Beech conceded that even she finds it challenging not to be overly critical of herself when faced with the daily onslaught of images showcasing “unattainable ‘flawlessness’,” yet she is determined to challenge and correct the distorted “narrative” surrounding women and the aging process.

She concluded her post by expressing gratitude towards those women who are brave enough to speak candidly on this issue, in spite of the “severe criticism” that often accompanies it, urging, “Let’s collectively strive to be more straightforward and infinitely more compassionate, shall we?”