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Sydney Sweeney shares her thoughts on her steady relationship and future plans in a recent interview.

Sydney Sweeney, the 26-year-old star of “Anyone But You,” graced the cover of Glamour UK’s December issue and candidly discussed her relationship with fiancé Jonathan Davino. Sweeney clarified common misconceptions about Davino, emphasizing that contrary to popular belief, he is not a restaurateur or pizza company heir, but a Chicago-based businessperson.

Sweeney reflected on the uniqueness of their long-term relationship, especially within the entertainment industry. “Being in a steady relationship for so long is atypical for my industry and age,” she remarked.

Addressing marriage, Sweeney shared her lifelong anticipation of the event. “I’ve always envisioned getting married,” she said, though not confirming her engagement to Davino, which PEOPLE reported in March 2022.

Discussing her vision for her wedding, Sweeney revealed, “I’ve been planning this since I was a child, focusing more on the experience I want to create rather than specific details like color schemes.”

Sweeney also spoke about her timeline for marriage and starting a family, noting that she feels somewhat behind compared to her friends and family. “I’m not rushing into marriage or motherhood. I believe these things will happen when they’re meant to,” she shared.

Sweeney expressed her desire for a large family in the future. “I dream of having four children, sharing adventures with them, and nurturing their imagination,” she said.

Sydney Sweeney Opens Up About Long Term Relationship
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In addition to their romantic relationship, Sweeney and Davino have a professional partnership. They co-produced her upcoming romantic comedy, “Anyone But You,” starring Glen Powell. “Working with Jonathan, who understands and supports my vision, is wonderful. It’s like being with your best friend all the time,” she said.

While Sweeney is open about many aspects of her life, she values keeping certain details private. “I try to maintain some privacy, as it’s important to have something just for me,” she concluded.

“Anyone But You” hits theaters on Friday, showcasing another facet of Sweeney’s multifaceted career.

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