One of the essential parts of a men’s wardrobe is his watch. These are the tools you use to tell the time. Depending on their complexity, these watches can also display the date and even the moon phase. The wristwatch is the main accessory for men. Unlike women, men cannot wear many different accessories anytime and anywhere. 

Therefore, your choices are limited to watches, cufflinks, and perhaps wedding rings. In addition, watches can be as expensive and as gorgeous as needed. In addition, you can also buy them to collect. Here are the types of watches every man needs to create his ideal collection.

1. Formal watch

Most formal watches come with a black leather strap. Everyone will participate in a series of formal activities throughout their lives, such as business meetings, weddings, and even funerals. For these activities, the best watches are those with smooth dials and black leather straps. Like mega chiefs from Diesel watches come in leather straps, other brands like Longines, Tissot, Breitling, etc., also have leather straps. Metal bezel and leather strap design dates back decades and is widely accepted as highly masculine. It is also simple and elegant. 

As long as the dial is properly decorated, watches with black straps are overall stylish. When wearing a black leather strap, be sure to match it with a belt and shoes. They must also be black. This type of watch can fit almost any color of clothing. However, it is best to match a dark-toned dress with a formal watch with a brown leather strap.

Want to look smart and business while maintaining a casual demeanor? This is a minimalist watch to wear. Watches with brown leather straps are less formal than watches with black straps. It is very suitable for business casual dress. When you participate in less formal events, this is the watch you wear. Watches with brown leather straps can be matched with a variety of outfits. It can be matched with completely casual clothes or light-colored suits. When wearing this type of watch, please make your clothes mainly light-colored, such as beige, gray, and light blue. Also, be sure to match the color of the belt and shoes with the brown leather strap watch color. Brown is a difficult color to handle because it has many shades. For example, brown, nut color, tan, light brown, and dark brown. 

2. Diver’s watch 

A diver’s watch is classic but sporty. It features a rotating bezel, a watch that divers often use to understand how long they have been underwater. It can also help them determine how many minutes of oxygen they have left. They are high-performance units with practical designs. They look very sturdy and are usually significant. The bezel rotates to help the diver set the watch. In most cases, diving watches are made of stainless steel and come with a stainless steel strap. The Rolex Submariner is an excellent example of this type of watch. 

Diving watches are usually water-resistant to hundreds of meters. Because it is a bright steel color, it looks stunning with a dark suit. The dive watch is one of the most versatile pieces you have. This watch can be matched with any outfit. It even looks great with a suit. They are smart enough to wear a diving suit (à la Bond) or casually worn on weekends. The main feature of the dive watch is the unidirectional bezel, which allows divers to quickly and see how long they have been underwater. Of course, water resistance and accuracy are also key.

An authentic diving watch will comply with the ISO 6425 standard and guarantee a water-resistant depth of at least 100 meters. However, the more you pay, the greater the depth of the watch. The strap should also be made of corrosion-resistant materials, which is why stainless steel, titanium, silicone, or nylon are often used. 

3. Sport Watch

There are as many sports watches of different designs as there are sports in the world. These are efficient units designed to provide data assistance for athletes in various sports. They can track movement, store data, present data, inform date, time and temperature, and other unique functions. These watches are usually large, with thick rubber straps. They are perfect for casual outfits. Not only are they very lightweight, but they are also very tough and can withstand beatings. 

4. Casual watch

Casual watches for everyday wear. This is a simple watch with a nylon or canvas strap. It is also very suitable for leisure activities and weekends. You can use it for some daily activities, such as cleaning, running errands, or even going out for lunch or gathering with friends. You can also wear this type of watch to the office. It can be used to dilute your initially very formal clothing.


With these different types of watches, you can welcome the world. There is one for every activity you can participate in. In addition, when you buy high-quality products, they will last a lifetime. Choosing a type of watch should primarily depend on what you intend to use the wristwatch for. If you are a sporty person, then you might want to go for a sports watch instead.