Businesses that use EHR software like UroChart often leave feedback telling other potential customers what their experiences were like. Here, we went through some UroChart reviews to give you a detailed idea of what the top-rated features of the software are.

The Importance of an EHR

Traditionally, medical clinics have relied on an older system comprised mostly of patient files and folders on papers. The traditional system also meant patient data was in different offices depending on the clinic that any patient went to. If a patient went to visit another doctor, their information would have to be copied and then sent out to the new doctors.

The issue was, this created a host of problems, such as misremembered clinical information, lost records spread across various practices, and information that just cannot be processed because of incomprehensible handwriting.

Using EHR software, all of this information can be digitized so it is easy to understand, and easy to access for other providers who are also treating the same patients. All notes, charts, medications, etc. can easily be accessed by providers within the same clinic or sent to other providers to provide patients with complete care options.

About UroChart EHR

When adopting a new EHR to your system, it can be tough to customize and adapt it to the workflow already in place at your clinic. UroChart EHR is a solution to this issue for urology practices. This EHR enables providers to get efficient results when interacting with patients.

UroChart EHR helps you provide modern patient care and identify ways to improve overall efficiency, while at the same time minimizing risks and increasing your clinic revenue.

Top Features Mentioned in UroChart Reviews

We scoured the available information from UroChart reviews to help pick out the top-rated features, so you can get the most readily available information about UroChart EHR.

Provide Patient Care Remotely

In this time and age, while we are in the midst of a global pandemic, providing care to patients is tougher than ever. This is why all practices are in need of a tool to allow for remote patient care using telemedicine tools.

UroChart allows providers to use a HIPAA compliant and secure system to communicate and connect with patients online. Aside from a video conferencing setup, you can upgrade remote care by connecting to your patients and other practitioners at the same time.

Safely Prescribe Medications

Prescribing medications to patients, particularly when they are controlled substances, can be tricky. A lot of UroChart reviews mention the fact that one of its key features is the prescription tool. This uses ECPS to avoid controlled substance abuse and minimizes the risk of fraud when it comes to prescribing medications.

Aside from this, the use of ECPS helps to put all medication details in one place, allowing you to get rid of possible errors when prescriptions are sent over to the patient. The tool also allows you to look out for interactions and makes sure you and your patients are kept safe.

Use Mobile Devices

UroChart EHR believes that there shouldn’t really be a reason for doctors to have all of their data on computers at their clinics. Therefore, the EHR has a mobile app that allows doctors to review all of their schedules and also access patient information with one touch.

The app allows you to contact primary physicians, securely view patient records, and integrate with the main system, so all of the changes made are automatically synced. This allows all users to be able to access information in its most updated state.

Securely Connect With Patients

With UroChart EHR, you can also directly interact with patients and other practitioners. The secure system available at UroChart lets you send health information without running the risk of going against HIPAA regulations and risking leaks.

Patients can also send you documentation via the online portal, or also connect to practitioners that you refer them to during the course of their treatment.

Improve Your Clinic Productivity

The best thing about UroChart is that it was created by urologists who understand what is required from an EHR to improve clinic productivity. UroChart reviews state that the software is essential to improving workflow and productivity across the clinic.

The team can help you set up, get trained, and even assist in adapting the software to provide you with the best care options.

Final Verdict – Is UroChart Right for Me?

Now that you have read all of the best features of UroChart EHR according to real UroChart reviews, the question is, should you get the software? At the end of the day, the only person who can answer that is someone who knows the ins and outs of your practice.

You can read through other reviews, request a demo, and compare UroChart features to your ideal software in order to get a clearer picture on whether UroChart EHR is right for you.