The Best Gothic Hairstyles for Edgy Individuals

According to, the goth culture focuses on free thinking and freedom of expression. It nurtures these aspects through fashion and gothic hairstyles. However, navigating this world can be confusing, leading to botched-up hair.

Fortunately, the right style can accentuate your edginess, leading to more party invitations. That’s why we’ve curated a guide perfect for anyone new to the scene. Let’s dive in and transform your hair into the ultimate expression of your edgy individuality.

Swooped Pixie and Spicy Bangs

The Swooped Pixie is an extraordinary addition to the goth style list. Its smooth swooped bangs create an alluring look. Not only that, but its attractive silhouette is eerie and supernatural.

The striking black and red hair combo has its special place in gothic aesthetics. You can color the front part vibrant red and keep the back in dark shades. Feel free to try neon green and orange for a personalized touch.

Faux Side-Shaved Paradox and Pinned Triple Bun

This style pays tribute to classic goth aesthetics with its pure black-and-white combination. An all-black outfit, accessories, and long black hair create a bold look. For something more alpha and brave, click for gothic rings that match this style.

The faux side shave adds an even more distinct vibe. The pinned triple bun reflects the terrifying energy of a pinned doll. All of which outcompete other dark hairstyles out there.

Flowing Mullet and Gothic Dreads with Bangs

The flowing mullet keeps the sides long enough to create a spiky appearance. The dreads with bangs contrast with a pink gradient that flows against a dark backdrop.

The roughly cut bangs and straight bifurcated sideburns add an extra touch of goth. This concept pushes the boundaries of traditional aesthetics.

Long Snowy Middle Part and Quill with Crescent Bangs

White hair is vital to any original gothic look. If you want a soft, snowy feel, style it into a classic middle part while wearing dark clothing. The long snowy center is an irresistible style that screams pure Gothic culture.

The quill with crescent bangs introduces a unique element. It also gives it a puzzling uniqueness that can make you the center of attention.

Micro Fringe and Sleek Pony

A baby bang, or micro fringe, used to be a provocative look, is now going mainstream. For the best results, ask your stylist for a bang that rests high above your forehead. Then pair it with some texture for an undeniable cool factor.

Add a super-sharp ponytail done on the darkest hair shade. This goes perfectly on the runways and at your favorite after-dark clubs. Use a fine-tooth comb to pull your hair back into a clean ponytail to achieve this edgy hairstyle.

Accented Twists and High Pony Dreads

Twists add a pop of color that can make them even edgier and more attractive. It brightens with bleach blonde hair color. Meanwhile, the accented high pony dreads look stunning for anyone with long hair.

Why not accentuate it by bleaching some strands, resulting in a classic gothic look? If you don’t have natural dreads, extensions can be a convenient alternative.

Messy Bob and Beehive

The Messy Bob is a testament to the controlled chaos that defines the best short goth hairstyles. You can achieve this look by using a curling iron to create waves, then breaking them up with your fingers. A firm control gel can hold your style in place and give it a wet sheen.

The beehive provides a relaxed, vintage twist to the goth look. The trick lies in back-combing or teasing the hair to create extra volume.

Fishtail Crown Braids and Messy Top Knot

Fishtail crown braids are a prime example of perfectly done/undone gothic hairstyles. If you haven’t tried the fishtail yet, consider it as your next venture.

Top knots are sexy, practical, and chic. You can make it slightly undone and messy. A soft, flexible hairspray can help keep your style in place without making your hair feel sticky or hard.

Tapered Afro and Crimped Hair

The Tapered Afro is a fun interpretation of goth hairstyle trends. It’s great for natural hair textures as it doesn’t require a lot of manipulation of the curls.

Add in the crimped hair for a quick way to create a distinctive look. A trend that was big in the ’80s is back with a vengeance. You can use a hair crimper to recreate this texture or braid your damp hair overnight.

Dreads with Bangs and Victorian Eye Candy

The dreads with bangs show how traditional elements can fuse with modern trends. These pink gradient dreads set against a dark backdrop offer a pleasing contrast. The roughly cut bangs add a touch of defiance that aligns with the spirit of the Gothic culture.

This hairstyle pays homage to the enduring influence of Victorian fashions. It pairs well with a dark outfit, creating a combo that oozes a goth-solid vibe. The hair forms a traditional Victorian updo, adding a layer of sophistication.

Swift Deathhawk and Wispy Peacock Bixie

The Swift Deathhawk is the embodiment of the extreme, edgy hairstyle. This dark, spiked mohawk originates from the Deathrock subculture of the late 1980s. It reflects a raw and daring look.

The Wispy Peacock Bixie combines vibrant green-blue color and wispy touch. Adding spiky back hair can further enhance the authentic gothic appeal of this style.

More Gothic Hairstyles to Try Out

Gothic hairstyles offer a range of options for those seeking to express themselves. Whether you prefer the raw edginess of the Wispy Peacock Bixie or the Micro Fringe’s subtle defiance, the goal is to embrace your inner goth. Feel free to experiment with different ideas to find the one that resonates most with you.

After all, gothic fashion is about expressing individuality and breaking the norms. So why not start with your hair? Check out our lifestyle posts today if you are hungry for more goth hair ideas.