Buying a golf cart is exciting.  No more carrying your equipment from hole to hole and the time you save walking you can use to perfect your swing instead. There are a lot of different types of golf cart to choose from and here are the dos and don’ts of finding one that is perfect for you.

Do – Consider Your Options

The argument of Gas Vs Electric is an old one, and it is best to weigh up the pros and cons of both. For example, a gas golf cart is likely to be more powerful and you can take some more gas around with you to refuel when you need to.  However, it isn’t as environmentally friendly as an electric golf cart, and it can be more expensive to run.

An electric golf cart is cheaper to run, is more environmentally friendly than a gas golf cart, and doesn’t need as much maintenance.  However, it doesn’t have a lot of range and it needs downtime to charge. You’ll also need to be knowledgeable about batteries when choosing the correct one for your cart.

These are all factors you need to consider before you purchase.

Do – Purchase Insurance

It isn’t necessary to purchase insurance for your golf cart if you are not using it on the road, but it is a good idea.  Many people make the mistake of trying to drive a golf cart like they do a car, but these vehicles handle very differently, and you will need time to get used to a cart.

Golf carts can get involved in accidents where the occupants of the cart might be injured, or you may cause damage to someone else’s property, and this can get costly.  Golf cart accidents are usually less catastrophic than car accidents but you should remember that carts don’t have the same safety features as cars, such as airbags, so an accident can cause a lot of injuries.

Do – Customize Your Golf Cart

Customizing your golf cart is fun and it makes your cart feel special.  This is becoming increasingly popular with people whether they are keen golfers or not and you can buy lots of different accessories to make customize your golf cart, such as a steering wheel cover or floor mats.  These features can make it more fun to drive too.

Don’t Rule Out Pre-Loved Carts

If you are looking to save some money on your golf cart purchase, then it is a good idea to look at the second-hand market.  Many golf lovers have taken good care of their golf carts and it may be that illness or circumstances are forcing them to sell rather than the way the golf cart is running.

Buying a pre-loved golf cart can save you a lot of money but it is best to check the vehicle over before you buy and ask if the existing owner has had any maintenance issues or made any modifications.

Don’t Drive Through Puddles

It can be dangerous to drive through puddles in your golf cart whether you are driving around a golf course or not.  Golf carts are prone to slip which could cause an accident and driving over wet turf can damage your tires. It can also damage the turf and golfers might be seeing tire tracks on their favorite green space for months which won’t make you very popular. It is best to stick to designated roads or paths and don’t forget to watch out for pedestrians.

Buying a golf cart is fantastic fun but don’t forget to follow these tips to make sure that you buy the golf cart of your dreams at the right price.  This will also help you to keep your maintenance issues to a minimum.