Photo: Heather Rae El Moussa/Instagram

Heather Rae and Tarek El Moussa pose with their young cowboy, Tristan, celebrating his first Halloween in style.

The magic of Halloween holds a special place in the heart, especially when celebrated with family. This year, Tarek and Heather Rae El Moussa went all out to ensure their son Tristan’s first Halloween was unforgettable.

Taking to Instagram, the proud parents, known for their popular show “Flipping El Moussas,” shared a heartwarming photo of their cowboy-themed costumes. The scene was set with Heather Rae, adorned in a playful pink cowboy hat and matching bandana, clutching baby Tristan, who was dressed as the most adorable miniature cowboy. Tarek, the protective and fun father figure, stood tall in a black cowboy hat and red bandana.

While the couple are seasoned Halloween enthusiasts, it was a special milestone for Tristan. “It might be our umpteenth rodeo, but for Tristan, it’s the very first!” the caption read, highlighting Tristan’s age milestone that coincided with the spooky holiday.

They continued, “We might be a cowboy short without Tay & Bray tonight, but we’re ready to wrangle some treats and prove there’s a fresh cowboy on the block! 🤠🍬 Who else is dressing up, and what look are you rocking?”

Tarek’s other children, Brayden and Taylor Reese, whom he co-parents with his former spouse Christina Hall, weren’t present for this particular snapshot but hold a special place in the family’s celebrations.

The El Moussas Cowboy Halloween Tarek Heather Rae and Tristans
Photo: Heather Rae El Moussa/Instagram

Heather, a prominent figure on “Selling Sunset,” often uses her social media platform to share glimpses of her life. Among the snapshots, one from National Sons’ Day stands out where she celebrated both Tristan and Brayden.

The bond she shares with Tristan is evident in her posts, which led to some questions about the frequency of posts featuring him over her stepchildren. Addressing the matter during a “Today” interview, Heather elucidated that with Brayden and Taylor in school and juggling extracurricular activities, the moments she can capture with Tristan are more spontaneous.

In the end, for Heather and Tarek, it’s not about counting the photos or moments, but about cherishing the time spent together. As Heather puts it, “The beauty of family isn’t captured just in photos but in the memories we create together.”