Drive and knowledge are two critical components of starting a robust business that takes off, even when surrounded by competition. Thousands of hopeful entrepreneurs will attempt to start businesses each year. Some of those entrepreneurs will succeed, and others won’t. However, understanding why some businesses fail is the key to avoiding such a problem if you’re an entrepreneur hoping to embark on a new venture.

Drive can make or break a business. Some people start businesses because they see others doing the work and having success, but they don’t necessarily have the passion. Having success in business means bringing a wealth of knowledge, along with a genuine passion for creating a startup from nothing. Eva Garzon (@evagarzon9), the Grand Lion Real Estate Group’s CEO and owner, is one example of a successful entrepreneur who used her knowledge and drives to get further in her career.

“My work in real estate started ten years ago. I thought it was something I’d do on the side and never expected it to turn into my career. However, I fell in love with the industry. The passion I felt when handling real estate listings and working closely with clients motivated me to keep going, which is when I decided to start my brokerage firm, the Grand Lion Real Estate Group. The name, the business logo, and the core values represent the team as a whole. We’re determined, hardworking, and most importantly, driven by real estate,” said Garzon. “Our brokerage firm currently has 25 real estate agents working wonderfully together to handle different sectors within the real estate industry. We all share the same passion for real estate, which allowed us to experience exponential growth while keeping that competitive edge.”

While the brokerage firm started small with only a handful of agents working together, the firm has continued to grow throughout the past ten years. Eva Garzon currently manages a portfolio consisting of 700M in real estate assets alone. She also represents wealthy family offices in parts of Latin America, including Venezuela, Colombia, and Mexico.

“The reason I’ve gotten this far is because of my drive and knowledge. Once I got a taste for the real estate industry, it became my passion, and I knew it was where I was meant to be. But, of course, I had to learn the ropes along the way. And, of course, there were obstacles that I had to get through while learning. However, I never stopped, and I continued to find real estate professionals who felt the same way as I did. As a result, we keep things flowing with our extensive real estate knowledge and the motivation we have to help handle the real estate needs of all clients,” said Garzon. “The past ten years have been wonderful, but the team and I look forward to serving clients in and around Miami for years to come. Our company specializes in commercial, residential, property management, short-term luxury rentals while servicing clients with various wants and needs.”

Eva Garzon’s success story proves that if you want something bad enough and you’re willing to work for it, you can make it happen. Entrepreneurs hoping to develop a powerful and successful business must make sure they have a genuine love for the industry and are willing to put in the work involved.