The Real 2 Real Radio talk show brings you the hottest upcoming Hip Hop, R and B, and Reggae artists around!

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The show was created by Marjorie Landron, known as The Realest Supreme, in 2018. The Realest Supreme, a former underground rapper herself, wanted to provide a platform where upcoming artists could promote their music and talent to the masses.

Every week the show features new music, interviews with artists, producers, and managers, looking to break into the music scene. The Real 2 Real promotes those who are serious about their talent and work in the music industry.

Some of the artists previously on the show include:

  • Dj Flipcyide an official Wu-Tang DJ and member of Hell Razah from Suns of Man GGO team
  • Tarik Main Brain, international Reggaeton Artist
  • Prya Dan from Virgin Islands and member of the Island Boy Cartel Collective
  • TrendSetta, Artist, A&R, and Management in Las Vegas
  • Obbie West an award-winning Spoken Word artist
  • Kenyadda, Chicago Hip Hop artist and Producer
  • J Dange a Platinum Streaming Hip Hop Artist from California
  • Jay Flow Artist/songwriter of Christian Urban Music out of Maryland
  • Big Wordz Nominee of 6 BMA Awards

These artists’ genres are Rap, Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Spoken Word, Gospel, Reggae, and R and B and are nationwide from Miami to LA and even overseas.

The Real 2 Real enters into discussions with artists about current events, news, and future projects. Most weeks guest surprise us with exclusive drops, on air freestyles, and true industry insights. Always providing game and networking opportunities to our listeners.

“I learn something new in every interview, I love hearing about their upbringing and their drive to reach their goals. It’s funny that some of the most intimidating and hardcore artists have the sweetest souls and bring such positivity to the studio, I truly enjoy what I do and enjoy meeting each and every one of them,” says Supreme.

Listeners can call in each week to directly ask our guests and hosts any questions, especially during Therapy Thursday segment as well, where they get first hand advice from The Realest Supreme, who is a licensed therapist. “The way the world is today, it is important to interact with my listeners and make sure they have someone to talk to, as well. You never know what people are going through and if I can provide the support they need, I will.”

Each week listeners can send any questions they have via DM to The Realest Supreme via her IG page. Many questions come from younger listeners who are entering into the workforce or are learning to manage their emotions appropriately without resorting to drugs or other addictions.

The Real 2 Real submits the recorded interviews to the Real 2 Real Uncut YouTube channel for unlimited viewing of the interviews each week. We try our best to promote the artists and the interview in several social media platforms to give them the best exposure possible and to provide our listeners with access to all recordings.

You don’t want to miss the Real 2 Real airing live every Thursday at 7pm PST only on Hot 702.5fm Keeping it Hot!

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