Tiger Woods Philanthropic Deeds

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Even if you have no interest in golf, you’ll have heard of Tiger Woods. This golfer has been at the top of his game since the beginning and has become a world famous celebrity because of it.

Tiger Woods was introduced to golf as early as two years old by his dad. Ever since that day, he’s been a natural golfer and took the world by storm. But what he isn’t as well known for is his philanthropy.

Tiger Woods has always wanted to help others and has done so through many different avenues. We’ll be taking a look through all of his most charitable deeds throughout the years. 

Tiger Woods most charitable deeds 

  • TGR Foundation

The biggest charitable deed that Tiger Woods has done so far has to be the foundation he set up. The TGR Foundation was founded all the way back in 1996 and has achieved many amazing things in the years since.

The goal behind the TGR Foundation was to support young people from under-resourced communities in their goals and aspirations. This is mainly done through supporting them in their education and making them feel like their dreams are possible.

Tiger Woods set up education programmes that help students improve their schooling, especially when it comes to STEM subjects. These subjects are notoriously more difficult to get into for children from under-resourced communities and Woods wanted to eradicate this.

TGR helps set up workshops to learn about financial aid and the application process. They also help set up classes for different age groups to help them learn more about STEM subjects and increase their chances of getting into university courses.  

  • Tiger Jam

In association with the TGR Foundation, Tiger Woods also set up the Tiger Jam. This is a two day charity event full of musical performances and poker games. The aim of the Tiger Jam event is to raise money for the TGR Foundation.

The event is sponsored by the company DraftKings and has been attended by celebrities such as Janet Jackson, Reggie Bush and Blair O’Neal. 

There is proof that these events have been successful in their goals. Chiamaka “Chia” Obilo and Adrian Arias are two people who have already proved that the TGR Foundation really does change lives. Chia has already achieved her goal graduating from Harvard and getting into medical school. Adrian is a practising lawyer and the very first Earl Woods Scholar to receive a JD. 

Image Source: Pexels
  • Donating to Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Tiger Woods has always wanted to help underprivileged children and he doesn’t just do that through his own foundation. He is also renowned for giving generous donations to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

This charitable cause helps provide children with after school clubs that help take their education a step further. This charity helps maximise kids’ potential by nurturing their interests and talents. 

This charity has been running for over 160 years and has helped countless children. This is clearly a cause that Tiger Woods feels passionately about and he has helped bring in even more donors. 

  • Donating to a charity for caddies

As golf is something so close to his heart, it only makes sense that Tiger would donate to a charity for caddies. Golfers are always the stars of the show when it comes to golfing but caddies are the unsung heroes.

They are the people who assist the golfers not only with their clubs, but with their mental state during a tournament. Having the right support system with you on a tournament can determine how well you do and caddies are a big part of that.

Tiger knows the importance of a good caddy and has put his money where his mouth is. The Caddy for Cure organisation is a non profit that helps out caddies in monetary and non monetary ways. 

  • Helping save the rainforest

Golf courses are built into nature so it only makes sense that Tiger would want to help with the restoration of natural spaces. The Rainforest Foundation Fund was created for that very reason. The goal is to ensure that no biodiversity is lost due to excessive deforestation.

This is another cause that Tiger Woods is passionate about helping and once again, has shown his support for them. He has used the TGR Foundation to help fund their efforts to end deforestation and keep our planet healthy.

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Image Source: Pexels

When it comes to helping out with charitable causes, Tiger Woods is one of the most giving sports people out there. Not only has he set up his own foundation, but he ensures that he helps out with as many other causes as he can. 

A lot of celebrities could follow him as an example of excellent philanthropy. Did you know that Tiger Woods was such a charitable sportsperson? 

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