The art of blending audio and visuals can be hugely powerful for conveying a message at a deep emotional level. That’s really the main reason that video marketing has taken off so much and why people want more brand videos. If you’re not sure where to get started when choosing an online video editor though, then first review their selection of video templates, photos, and music to see if it matches your needs.

Top 5 Reasonable and Good Quality Online Video Editor and Maker Tools 

Of course you’ll most probably want to do your own research but here are the top online video editor tools to give you some ideas: 

1- Promo

This video maker combined editor has an incredible library of millions of templates and music tracks. There’s such a wide variety that you’re bound to find something to help you create videos for your brand. This is especially true because they do tend to be more business marketing focused. Although, they still have all kinds of styles, ranging from fun and funky to more serious for when you make a video. You can therefore easily make any type of video with this online video editor. 

The truly great advantage of promo is that you can download your video directly to your social media platforms. Of course you can also save it and publish it as you want. Regardless, why not leverage a direct connection to Facebook or YouTube? Their media calendar is also a god-send in supporting your social media campaigns so you don’t forget anything. As an added bonus, you’ll also get some insightful analytics. Amazingly, all this also comes with a wide range of editing features and all for only $25 / month. 

2- Animoto

The best thing about this software is the Artificial Intelligence technology. Essentially, this allows you to create videos and slideshows simply by inputting images and text so you don’t have to edit videos. The smart editor then translates everything into an online video. The downside though is that their music library is a bit more limited. Although, you can also upload your own audio tracks. 

If you’re keen to get involved in the details of video editing then this one might not be for you. Basically, the AI technology does everything for you so that you don’t have to worry about editing. Whilst that suits many people, it can be fun to edit and add features yourself. At the end of the day, have a think about how creative you want to be. Nevertheless, it might be worth it at $15 /month.Animoto

3- Canva 

As video editors go, this one is more of a graphic design tool. You can still make and edit images and videos but it has a wide range of features that might appeal to the more creative types. Having said that it has a very generous free plan and the more advanced features come at only $9.99 / month. 

Whilst the design plan comes with templates, audio, graphics and even cloud storage, you don’t get the extra social media support like you do with Promo. Canva does allow you to content to 8 social media platforms but it doesn’t give you that campaign support. Having said that, they do have a rather neat brand kit option. This is essentially a storage area for all your fonts, colors and logos. The idea is to save you time by having everything easily accessible. 

4- Filmora 

In terms of pricing, this video maker and editor is slightly different. It offers both a subscription fee of $39.99 or $99.87 per year for the different bundles. Alternatively, you could also just pay the one-off price of $69.99 with no subscriptions. This still provides you with unlimited downloads from their music and template library. 

Overall, this is another great video editing software that combines impactful features with an easy to use interface. It’s perhaps not as good for connecting directly to social media platforms but you can still easily download your video and post as you wish. 

5- InVideo 

This video maker and editor is known for its ease of use and fun features such as stickers, vector shapes and masks. They have over 4000 templates which pales in comparison to the millions on promo but sometimes that’s all you need. Those templates have also all been handpicked to be particularly creative. Moreover, you’ll get access to an audio library with over 3 million tracks. Another awesome feature is their text-to-voice option which makes it easier to translate your notes into your video. 

Pricing is very reasonable at $15 / month or $30 / month if you want unlimited video exports per month versus 60. Having said that, their basic free plan with monthly videos might be enough for you. It all depends on your social media marketing campaign schedule. Final Thoughts on Choosing an Online Video Editor combined Video Maker

On average, you can expect to leverage free video maker and editor platforms before paying a subscription in the tens of dollars per month. This opens up more advanced features, including free audio and templates, but depending on what you need for your business you might simply go for the free video maker plan. Either way, all of them guarantee you with high-quality videos and easy-to-customize templates. Then, it’s up to you how you want to use your creativity and hook your viewers in thanks to your unique mix of audio, images, and fun features.