Top 7 Reasons To Switch To Digital Business Cards

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Even though the world has undergone a massive technological evolution, paper-based business cards are still a thing today. The narrative of networking hasn’t changed much. And that’s solely because of the lack of awareness about alternatives’ pros. Digitalization has made things more convenient and reduced the hassle that once went into sharing paper-based cards. Businesses are now becoming smarter by choosing paperless business cards. Here are the top reasons you should switch to digital business cards too.

1. It’s a green solution

Statistics reveal that around 10L of water is required to manufacture just one piece of A4-size paper. This information is enough to imagine the amount of water consumed in the manufacturing process. Opting for virtual business cards saves you from contributing to this disaster. It will prevent deforestation that happens on a massive scale and brings down the carbon footprint on Earth.

2. Quick and easy sharing

Primarily, business cards are made solely to share information. Previously, this was done through print media, and now you can share it across digital media. The latter is being widely adopted as it prevents the hassle of handing it out physically to every person. Moreover, it won’t be lost in any case. Whenever the person thinks about you, he must search through their phone and recover the contact details.

3. Cost-effective

People used to charge hefty amounts for providing elegantly printed premium business cards. This is an expensive arrangement. It’s because every card that you hand out is paid. Do you know what’s even worse? It’s the fact that the current stack of cards becomes invalid if the credentials in it have to be changed. A new stack has to be ordered for printing. However, that’s not the case with digital business cards. You can change it at the click of a button, and it’ll be good to go.

4. Add all the details you can

A digital business card can accommodate more information than a paper-based business card. Apart from the basics such as name, phone number, designation, company name, and mail id, it can also accommodate links that direct to social media accounts. If you go ahead and want to add all this information to a traditional card, it doesn’t appear presentable. At the same time, a digital business card allows you to add whatever information suits you fit without worrying about space.

5. Update the credentials immediately

Yet another reason why you should switch to digital business cards is the ease with which you can change the information. Have you recently received a promotion? Rest assured. You only need to visit the website or app and change the information. It’ll automatically update the contacts who have got your digital card. It doesn’t make the existing cards go to waste. No more going through the hassle of printing yet another stack of business cards.

6. Provides access to a wider audience

Paper-based cards can only be handed out to people you’ve met physically. The number of cards you share is directly proportional to the number of people you’ve met. Fortunately, this limitation doesn’t apply to digital cards. A digital business card can be shared with an unlimited number of people from across the globe. Sharing it over social media and with added contacts can provide added exposure. Plus, the link in the digital card can let people know more about the services or products you offer.

7. Keep track of its effectiveness

An online business card lets you know how many people have viewed it. You can have the exact number of people who accessed it, which is not true with traditional business cards. Moreover, it also briefs you about who has shared the cards with whom. Keep track of the effectiveness by getting data on which card has successfully generated more leads. In this way, you can figure out what works best for you.


All the advantages mentioned above are enough compelling reasons to switch to paperless business cards. The world is progressing toward a smart future, and your business should too. Stay ahead in the game and embrace the new networking narrative. The sooner you realize its potential, the better it’ll be for your business growth.

Image credit: freepik