Top 8 Exciting Hobbies Hollywood Celebrities Pursue

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Hollywood celebrities often pursue exciting hobbies to escape their hectic schedules and experience new things. In this article, we’ll introduce the top eight extraordinary hobbies famous Hollywood celebrities enjoy in their free time.

1. High-Stakes Gambling in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, the world’s gambling capital, is the most popular destination for high-stake bets because it offers a variety of unique advantages to high rollers. From the high betting limits to the variety of games, Vegas does have it all. Celebrities like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Tilly have a history of making considerable bets in the city’s casinos.

Online Poker Games

Playing poker online offers the same level of excitement as traditional poker, with the added convenience and flexibility of playing from anywhere. Players can choose from the many available poker games, including standard poker, Texas Hold ’em, and Omaha. They can also deposit and withdraw funds using cryptocurrencies and e-wallets. Affleck and Matt Damon have demonstrated their poker skills outside the acting world, winning nearly $2 million by participating in online poker tournaments.

Recently, online casinos also started attracting many celebrities who enjoy placing their bets from the comfort of their luxury homes away from the bustling casinos of Vegas. Drake, Tobey Maguire, and many others have shown interest in playing different casino games online.

2. Big Wave Surfing

Big wave surfing is an adrenaline-fueled sport that requires extraordinary skill, balance, and courage. In big wave surfing, surfers ride giant waves that can reach 60 feet or more. One of the most famous big wave surfers is Laird Hamilton. He is known for his fearless approach to the sport and his significant contributions to the advancement of surfboard technology.

Many Hollywood celebrities practice surfing on their vacations or professionally as their favorite sport. Some stars include Gerard Butler, Chris Martin, and Matthew McConaughey, who began surfing for the movie “Surfer, Dude,” in 2008.

3. Skydiving

Skydiving is the ultimate thrill-seeker’s dream, offering an unparalleled sense of freedom as skydivers plummet from the sky at altitudes of thousands of feet. After a few seconds of free fall, the skydiver safely opens their parachute.

Tom Cruise, the iconic star of the Mission: Impossible movie series, is also a passionate skydiver. He has thousands of jumps under his belt and has proven his dedication to the sport by performing his stunts in the Mission: Impossible movies. He pulled off the biggest stunt in movie history for ‘Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One.’

4. Base Jumping

Base jumping is an extreme sport centered around jumping from fixed objects, such as cliffs, bridges, or buildings, using a parachute to slow their descent. Base jumpers experience an adrenaline rush as they freefall for a few seconds before deploying their parachutes to land safely.

Will Smith, the world-famous American actor and Academy Award winner, has participated in many base jumps, including one from the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the tallest building in the world.

5. Superbike Racing

Superbike racing is a fast-paced motorsport where agile motorcycles race on challenging tracks at blazing speeds. In tournaments, riders battle for victory while deftly navigating steep curves.

Tommy Long, a superbike racing legend, exemplifies Hollywood’s admiration for this thrilling pastime. In addition to his on-screen performances, Long has developed a love for racing and competes in superbike races, highlighting the excitement and dexterity required in this motorsport.

6. Ice Climbing

Ice climbing is a demanding sport that requires climbers to ascend ice-covered cliffs and frozen waterfalls using specialized tools such as ice axes and crampons. While not as common among Hollywood celebrities as other outdoor activities, some adventurous stars, such as Will Gadd, have taken up this strenuous sport, pushing themselves to the limit as they scale frozen waterfalls in stunning settings.

7. Paragliding

Paragliding is the act of jumping from high altitudes with a parachute-like glider. Many Hollywood celebrities enjoy this sport, including Tom Cruise, Jennifer Aniston, Gerard Butler, and Cameron Diaz, who consider paragliding “one of her favorite activities.”

8. Scuba Diving

Scuba diving provides access to the fascinating underwater world, allowing divers to learn more about its marine life. Divers can see coral reefs, shipwrecks, and a variety of marine life while breathing underwater using compressed air tanks.

Well-known actor Jason Momoa is passionate about scuba diving in science fiction movies and real life. He regularly campaigns to protect the oceans and emphasizes the importance of marine conservation.


Wondering where do celebrities go on vacation? Seems like they go where they can enjoy their favorite activities. These eight hobbies demonstrate Hollywood A-listers’ broad range of interests and daring nature. They allow celebrities to pursue their passions outside of the spotlight, and they serve as a reminder that celebrities’ identities are shaped by both their on-screen personas and their exciting activities.

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