Photo: Brandi Mallory/Instagram

In a heartrending development, Brandi Mallory, known for her appearance on ‘Extreme Weight Loss,’ was found dead in her car in a Georgia Chipotle parking lot.

A Georgia deli owner made a distressing 911 call on Nov. 9, as reported by TMZ, revealing his alarming discovery. He informed the dispatcher of a woman lying motionless in a car, appearing lifeless and unresponsive to his attempts to get her attention. “I’ve got what appears to be a dead body in a car parked in the parking lot,” he expressed with concern.

The caller further detailed to Emergency Medical Services (EMS) that he wasn’t sure what had transpired but noticed no signs of life from Mallory when he “knocked on the hood” of her car. He described her as showing “no movement, doesn’t look like she’s breathing.”

Clarifying that he wasn’t directly with her, the deli owner stated, “No, she’s in her car. I don’t do dead people,” before ending the call with plans to review his security footage for more information.

Police reports, as obtained by us, later confirmed that Mallory’s car entered the parking lot at approximately 5:53 p.m. on Nov. 8. Atlanta Police Department stated that the former reality star was last captured on surveillance footage purchasing dinner at the restaurant and then returning to her vehicle, never to exit again.

The following morning, noticing Mallory’s car still isolated in the lot, the deli owner felt compelled to call the authorities.

Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed to us the passing of the 40-year-old ‘Extreme Weight Loss’ alum and makeup artist on Nov. 9. Her cause of death remains undisclosed.

Mallory’s life was celebrated at a candlelight vigil on Nov. 12, and a memorial service is scheduled for Nov. 19, as per her obituary.

Tragic Discovery
Photo: Brandi Mallory/Instagram

Chris Powell, the former trainer and host of ‘Extreme Weight Loss,’ spoke with us, reflecting on his year-long journey with Mallory during the show’s fourth season in 2014. He remembered her as an “incredible person” with an unmatched work ethic and a vibrant personality that lit up every room.

“She was so spunky right off the bat, and she just danced everywhere,” Powell shared. “She was always just enrolling everyone in her positivity.”

Mallory continued to inspire others post-show with her dance and fitness enthusiasm, also expressing her love for makeup on social media. Powell fondly recalled her influence in the body positivity movement, saying, “She really owned the body positivity movement… she became a symbol for that for so many people.”

Brandi Mallory’s legacy as a beacon of positivity and inspiration in the fitness and body positivity communities endures beyond her untimely passing.