Crossbody bags are referred to as a type of bag with a long shoulder strap intended to be worn diagonally across the body. And this is why it is named cross body bags. This bag is designed so that it can be worn on one side of the body with the strap looked over the opposite shoulder like a purse too. The best advantage of having a cross-body bag is that it enables you to see and assess the inside of your back quickly. These bags are not only easy to carry but also are very fashionable to look at.

Different types of crossbody bag nz

  1. Hobo Bags – The hobo bag is designed in such a way that it features a slouchy shape with a long flat shoulder strap. It is a scooped center for easy carrying for your shoulders. It is a unisex bag that can be used for both ladies and men. 
  2. Baguette bags are a long narrow handbag that is quite similar to a French baguette. It has a fantastic look which makes it different from other bags 
  3. Muff bags – The muff bag is famous for its fur muff fabric exterior, and it is best suited in winters. The fur in this bag can be made with either faux fur or genuine fur. Due to its fantastic quality and look, people prefer muff bags over others, especially in the winter season.
  4. Straw bags – The other name of the straw bag is the Kenya bag. It is a huge bag that is primarily used by many people when going to a beach location. As the name says, it is made from a range of materials which includes canvas and straws. 
  5. Woven Tote – This woven bag is from the original Tote bag that features woven into the bag. The materials used in the making of this bag are straw, but the designers have expanded materials like synthetic fibers and leather. And this is the specialty which the bag carries.
  6. Tote bag – This bag includes features such as a large bag that typically has an open-top compartment and two top handles with it. It is nothing but a classic bag that has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. The best part about this bag is that it can either be an open-top bag or a zippered top bag. The open Tote bags are made from eco-friendly materials, and the zippered full Tote bag is made from nylon and is water-resistant. 
  7. Bucket bag – The bucket bag has its name from its shape, a bucket. As the word signifies, it is a bucket-shaped bag with a rounded base with a drawstring cinched opening on the top. The material from which the bucket bag is made up is leather. It is a classy and straightforward bag that is good for day-to-day usage.
  8. Fringe bag – This signature bag comes from the late 1970s. It is featured in leather which dangles off the bag and looks impressive from the outside. It is suitable for picnics, fun events, and playful times. Also, you can take this bag when you are out to play your favorite sport.
  9. Shopper bag – This bag has a rectangular shape, and it is mainly used for shopping purposes. It is a mix between the Tote bag and the box bag. It has a long chain which is relatively easy to carry. You can easily put all your shopping lists in it and go for a wonderful shopping experience.
  10. Canteen bags – As the name suggests, it is a bag from the traditional Canteen bottles used for drinking. It is completely made from leather. It features a strap and a tassel. This round handbag is a good and easy to carry stuff which everyone likes. 
  11. Satchel bag – It is a rectangular-shaped leather bag with a flap cover and a long shoulder strap. It is mostly carried by students while going to school as they carry their books in it. It is made from leather, and the durability of these bags is why these bags are the choice of everyone now.
  12. Saddle Bag – It is a small horseshoe-shaped bag that comes with a flip cover. You can put your necessary things like credit cards, lipsticks, etc. It is also used as a pouch by many people, which they would hang on either side. 

These were the different types of attractive and stylish crossbody bags nz. Each of these bags is very trendy and useful in different manners and for different purposes.