Do you love to scroll on social media, chat with friends in a group, blog, and tweet? If your answer is a big yes, you might know about the obsession with memes and GIFs. These are new trends to communicate with your online buddies and followers. Today, even many digital marketers have added meme marketing in their strategies. Likewise, many bloggers and influencers use GIFs to make their content more appealing.

The reasons why these two things are covering most of the internet are the visual feel – it helps to grab people’s emotions. Well, if you open your Twitter account, you might learn how people use GIFs in their tweets. If you also want to utilize this new obsession, you can use your old videos and convert them to GIFs. Here is how you can do it!

Meme Vs. GIFs – Things to Know!

Before anything else, we want you to know a bit about memes! Well, in plain speak, memes are a part of digital content containing defined photos. These photos usually contain a text at the bottom that relates to the relatable situation. In other words, it is a fantastic way to deliver responses. The best thing is you can convert anything into a meme, whether it is a movie, shot, animal, human, celebrity, or anything else! Also, you can count even a GIF as a meme!

So, here enters yet another famous way to communicate within a changing way. Here we are talking about GIFs! Yes, it is a fun thing to know that it is a kind of a meme, which holds moving objects. In other words, it is like a short clip that aims to deliver action. The animated forms of GIFs make them extra effective in uploading digital content.

The Growing Obsession For GIFs:

GIFs are the excellent mid-way among the standard images and time-consuming videos. Also, it gives the value of the most high-grade of both systems. They are eye-poppers due to the moving photos. GIFs come with or without music effects, which makes them quick to digest. Believe it or not! But it is the best way to grab scrollers to your post. Nowadays, many people use GIFs in their blog posts because it is an idea that you can express on the spot.

GIFs Become New Emoticons in the Digital World

GIFs have become the eye-catchers by passion in the last few years. It now appears GIFs have succeeded from emoticons because they are so much more vivid. There are a few GIF creators on the internet that have your favorite celebrities and famous shows. However, if you wish to turn your photos, clips, or videos into a GIF message, you can use the below-mentioned creative ways!

Creative Ways to Convert a Video into a GIF!

You might be wondering how you can turn your old published video to GIF. You might be wishing to find a way to convert to GIF without deleting all of the videos. Yet, the best thing is there is some top-notch video to GIF converter tools helping you get this job done in seconds. These tools make videos into GIFs on the go using multifunctional techniques. It also uses AI that makes the process pretty smooth and accurate. All you need to do: drop your video in the given bar and select the GIF format. Once you do so, hit the convert button and let the magic begin.

If you don’t know about the reliable online Video to GIF Converters, take a look at this post. Here we have gathered a breakdown of some of the tried and tested tools to make your life easy. So, scroll down and read on to the bottom line!

Video To GIF Converter by Duplichecker

If we talk about one of the best places to convert video to GIF, Duplichecker is an ideal option. It offers excellent features that will amaze you. If you want to utilize this tool to make video into gif, you should take out your videos. After that, drop that video in the given box of the video to gif converter and hit the convert button. Within 30 seconds, you will have your GIF without any hassles.

Video to GIF Converter by

It is another fantastic platform serving billions of users right now. It offers an easy-to-use user interface that keeps you satisfied and comfortable. The best thing about this place is you can convert your photos into GIF clips. There is no need to follow any strict rules or pay a single penny. Just drop your visuals and press the convert button. That’s it!


The entire world is walking through the meme and GIFs obsession. So, why not you? If your post, blog, or messages are not grabbing the leads and hits, you should give a try to GIFs. You can also use the above tool and tricks to add ease to your life!