Ecommerce is booming, there’s no doubt! Online shopping has become more popular than ever and because of this virtual debit cards are now being used more frequently than ever.

Have you been hearing a lot about virtual debit cards? Are wondering exactly what they are and if you need to use one?

Here is a look at how a virtual debit card works and what it can do for you.

What Is a Virtual Debit Card?

A virtual debit card is a completely online card. When you log into your financial account you will find your virtual card available.

You will need to activate it just as you would any other card. The debit card number and security code will be visible just as they would on a physical card.

The only difference big between the virtual card and the physical card is that the virtual card is hosted completely online. You can change the number on the card online in most cases whenever you want. You can also freeze the card very quickly by going into your account.

Virtual debit cards are not just for personal use; businesses can get access to them as well. You can get business virtual debit cards at various financial institutions.

How Do Virtual Debit Cards Work for Purchases?

A virtual card works much the same way as a physical card does. You can add it to various online accounts just as you would a physical card.

All you have to do is enter your card number and your CVV number on the card. You can then make your purchases just as you would with a physical card.

Why Should You Use a Virtual Debit Card?

Using virtual debit cards is a great way to improve security especially when you are purchasing things online. Virtual debit cards are harder to steal and duplicate.

If somehow a scammer does get their hands on your virtual debit cards, it’s simple and easy to delete the card quickly.

You will not have to cancel your whole account to get rid of the compromised virtual card.

Customize the Virtual Debit Card

You will be able to select a purchasing price limit for your cards if you want to. This gives you a level of security, in that, no one can spend more money than the limit that you have set.

You can also restrict your virtual debit card to certain websites. For example, if you love shopping on eBay you can set up your card to only be able to work on that site.

Get Your Card 

If you have been considering using a virtual debit card, now is as good a time as any to get on the trend. This is an especially good trend for you if you love to shop online.

Shopping online with a virtual debit card makes life a lot easier. You can put limits on your spending, have higher security for your card, and even set up virtual cards to spend on specific sites. You can even get one for your business as well.

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