What are some affordable Coding Bootcamps in the US?

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Digitalization has enabled web and software developers to have globally sought-after jobs. So it is no surprise that the number of coding boot camps has increased over the years.

Various coding programs are available on the market, but the fees differ and depend on numerous factors like length, duration, format, curriculum, etc. Therefore, finding the right one within your budget can take time and effort.

Here, in this article, we will take you through the list of affordable coding boot camps so that you can decide which one suits you best according to your future goals.

We also suggest beginning with a free coding Bootcamp so that you know what to expect before diving into a more comprehensive program and curriculum.

What is an online Coding Bootcamp?

Online coding Boot camps provide practical knowledge in computer programming and web development. A Coding Bootcamp might span anything from a few days to many months; there is no universally accepted definition.

Some are lectures and exercises, while others require students to submit work and take online tests. The job-hunting process might be more straightforward with the help of other boot camps that provide workshops and introductions to potential employers.

Subjects and tools covered in a Coding Bootcamp

Affordable boot camps like the coding boot camps in San Francisco offer a real-world, hands-on learning environment where students can learn skills that can be used in the job market. Students learn how to code using languages including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Soft skills like cooperation and problem-solving are also honed in these settings.

We’ve laid out what most coding boot camps for low-income students usually teach.

  • HTML and CSS- Students develop appealing websites using HTML and CSS. Layout and structure of a web page. CSS adds stylistic characteristics. HTML and CSS are the foundation of web developers.
  • JavaScript- This object-oriented language allows developers to construct interactive websites, apps, games, and web servers.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration- College students may improve their teamwork skills by taking advantage of online coding boot camps. Bootcampers often work on group assignments together. This training is very relevant in technology, where individuals often collaborate in groups to build software or websites.

What jobs can you get after completing the Bootcamp?

Aspiring professionals have several job opportunities at junior levels or entry-level positions as web developers, engineers, or computer programmers. There are also chances to level up in the game developer and data scientist careers. After finishing a boot camp program, you should explore other career paths that could further your professional development.

The average salary of a web developer in the United States is $73,673 annually, according to Glassdoor.

List of budget-friendly Coding Bootcamps in the US

Let us dive deeper into some of the best budget-friendly coding bootcamps available online.

1. Flatiron School

The flexible schedules of today’s students are reflected in Flatiron School’s many course offerings. For example, aspiring professionals can choose between 15,20, and 40,60 weeks of various online boot camp programs in cybersecurity, software development, product development, etc.

By enrolling in a full-time or part-time program, you can become a software engineer or a data scientist in fewer than 15 weeks. Furthermore, there is no difference in cost between a full-time and part-time schedule.

Tuition is $17,900, but they offer payment plans and loans to those who need them.

2. Full Stack Academy

Participants learn front- and back-end development via collaborative cohort projects. Towards the end of the curriculum and beyond, teachers try to pair students with internships or job opportunities that fit their interests. Many former students have found employment with tech giants, including Google, Spotify, eBay, and LinkedIn. Female students may take advantage of the school’s tuition deferral program.

The course program can be anywhere from 17-28 weeks, with fees of $ 19,910 for the coding boot camp.

3. Thinkful

Thinkful provides whole coding courses digitally with a tuition fee of $5,500. It provides seven courses in software engineering, data science, data analytics, user experience and interface design, product management, technical project management, and digital marketing, all of which may be taken individually or as a bundle.

4. Nucamp

Nucamp provides a range of web, front/back end, and mobile development boot camps for a low one-time fee of $249. Furthermore, several funding options, such as scholarships and a reasonable student agreement, make it possible to prepare for a career in coding with no financial outlay.

5. Jax Code Academy

Courses may be taken at the academy in person, remotely, or in combination. The course teaches students how to use JavaScript, MySQL, and Node/React to create HTML pages. Students in virtual classrooms often form collaborative teams to solve a coding assignment. The coding boot camp is $3500, perfect for beginners and intermediate students wanting to start their career in web development.


These are some of the more affordable options for coding boot camps in the United States. These budget-friendly options are a great financial investment. This makes it perfect for non-tech grads or software developers to increase their employability.

Participants learn how to make and test software for desktop, mobile, and online platforms at bootcamps. While each program may have a somewhat different outline, they should all cover the same groundwork. For example, all coding boot camps teach their students the basics of computer programming as well as how to use that knowledge to solve problems in the real world.

Some advanced coding boot camps may only teach one language or part of building websites. These more in-depth coding boot camps usually demand some prior experience with the language. However, students who attend affordable entry-level boot camps may acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to get a coding job soon after finishing the program.