What Girls Should Remember When Renting a Car For a Girls’ Trip in Dubai 

Dubai is the perfect city for a girls’ trip. There are a huge number of breathtaking sights and landscapes where you can take breathtaking photographs. There are many branded boutiques here where you can update your wardrobe. Moreover, this is one of the most luxurious beach holidays. 

This is also one of the few places where you can rent a car at a low price. Compared to hiring vehicles in European countries, rental prices here are much lower. Coming with your best friend to Dubai, you should rent Muscle Car in Dubai, which will provide you with an unforgettable experience on your girls’ vacation. 

Considering that not many girls are knowledgeable about cars, they can make several mistakes while hiring a vehicle. The excitement of driving a luxury car can get overwhelming, so you may forget about what you need to do when you rent a car. You could incur additional fines if you are careless, so you should know what mistakes you shouldn’t make. 

What you should not do when you want to hire a vehicle 

Come to the first car rental you come across 

When you arrive in Dubai, you will find a wide variety of companies that will offer you to rent a car. It’s worth noting right away that you should not go to the car rental pick-up point after arrival, since you will rent a vehicle at a significantly inflated price. 

In addition, even in the city, you can find many unreliable car rental companies that will try to scam you. It will be better if you consult with people who have previously rented cars in Dubai so that they can tell you which rental company you should choose. 

If this is not possible, then you and your friends should carefully read the information about available car rentals. Depending on what kind of vehicle you want to hire, be it an economical car or a premium vehicle, you will be able to find a variety of rental services. 

Pay attention to what customers say about these companies online. Among the many positive reviews, you can find reviews from users who note problems with one or another car rental company. This way, if you take the time to research all your options, you won’t fall for scammers.

Take a vehicle without an inspection 

By choosing one of the most reliable vehicle rental services, you should choose the right vehicle for your girly trips. When you arrive at the vehicle delivery location, you should not pick up the keys from the specialist and go on your trip right away. 

You may miss one of the main points, which can later turn out bad for you. What you may miss is that the car is damaged or has scratches or chips that were there before you even got behind the wheel of the car. Without noticing this, you will have no way to prove that the damage was not caused by you. You will end up having to pay for damaging your car. Just think about what the fine will be if you want to rent a sports car. 

Therefore, at the moment when you pick up the vehicle. You should have the inspection done when the car rental company manager is present. In case of any damages, you can point them out right away.   

Fail to take photos after returning the vehicle 

Quite often, customers agree with car rentals that once the agreement ends, they will need to leave the vehicle at a specified location. In this case, you leave the rental car, and later a specialist will come to pick it up. 

If you will be returning a rental car when the rental car manager is not nearby, you should take photographs of both the vehicle and the location where you are leaving the vehicle. You will have proof that you did not damage the vehicle in any way and that you left it in an authorized location or location designated by the company. 


Your girls’ trip to Dubai could have an unpleasant outcome if you make the most common vehicle rental mistakes. No matter what kind of car you want to hire, you need to do your research to find the most reliable service. These can be large international brands or local car rentals. In addition, you should check the vehicle for damage both when you pick up the vehicle and take photographs of the vehicle when you return it. 

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