Drag Queen Bingo

There is no limit to the entertainment trends. While one day, you will be ax throwing, the other day you will be bowling with cocktails; one month you will be enjoying off-West End shows, and the very next day, you will be looking for food that has been prepared in a mad scientist’s lab. But there is one trend that has not grown antique and is still the same popularity among the masses, i.e., drag queen bingo. You must be thinking, what is this drag queen bingo and what is it all about? Well, don’t worry! We are here to explain everything in a minute. Just buckle yourself up to enjoy this journey!

What is Drag Queen Bingo?

If you are 18+ and have a fun-loving personality, then this game is rightly designed for you! The essence of the game is just simple; you play Bingo, and a drag queen calls out the numbers. You will be watching the game merging the live performance of the art of drag and cabaret with the traditional game. The drag queen treats the punters to a show and later involves them in the bingo game.

This game offers an alternative to your boring weekend spots and hits the clubs and bars to make a big win. All you need is to spend $20 for shows on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and $30 for Sunday shows that also include the scrumptious buffet containing croissants, couscous salad, muffins, potato salad, chicken salad, turkey, cheese, sliced melon, and usually a hot item like mini quiche smoothies. Not only this, but you can also enjoy having other refreshments such as coffee, tea, water, sodas, and much more!

One of the other interesting things you may learn at drag queen bingo is that you keep your mouth shut if you cannot take being picked on. Yes, this is Bingo – the game of blue-haired grandmas and church-basement fundraisers, and if in between N-36 and I-18 your table is being rowdy, she will be made right at you.

What is the Role of Drag Queen?

Until now, the question of what the drag queen does in Bingo might have hit your mind. Well, the drag queen is known for being risqué to increase the level of excitement and comedy infused into the event. This blends the two of the oldest industries. If your table is being disorderly or you have gone against the rules, she will be right back with her bawdy comments.

Where Can You Watch this Game Show?

Drag has grown immensely popular, especially in the UK, right after RuPaul’s Drag Race UK launch in 2019. Although many people have already watched tremendous shows and performances, adding a friendly, easily understandable, and popular game – Bingo makes the people fresh and excited.

Not only this, but this game allows the people to engage themselves fully in the game. This makes them fond of the drag queens and the art form, and do they love playing the game off and on.

How is Drag Queen Bingo Changing?

Drag queen bingo is the first and will not be the last adaptation of the traditional bingo game. Bingo has had to adapt its image away from the stereotypes to keep its audience engaged. For example, Bongo’s Bingo, when launched in 2015, swarm the venues with game lovers. Similarly, the nightclub event was built around a game of Bingo. Players, along with Bingo, were allowed to a dance-off, win wacky prizes, and spend a fully-fledged night out. This grabbed the attention of all, especially the young generation.

Moreover, taking advantage of the popularity of games and benefits offered by digital technology, Bingo has also been introduced in a new format to enhance its demand. The game can be played online while enjoying all the features of the real game. Now the competition has enlarged quite significantly. Almost every site is offering welcome bonuses to attract the customers playing this game. Most of them have relaxed the need to invest your money before playing Bingo. Similarly, while some are throwing in free bingo tickets to their customers, others promise the chance to win cashback. This, too, shows its growing popularity online among the masses.

Why Should You Play Drag Queen Bingo?

Well, this is something which should not be missed in any case. Not only it brings you the best of live performances, but it also creates something greater than the sum of its parts. But this is not the only example to make this tradition continue. The game of Bingo has been popular for centuries in nightclubs and entertainment places which have now been known massively due to digital technology.