Where Do Celebrities Go On Vacation?

A luxurious beach holiday is synonymous with the beautiful life of a celebrity. All year round, fans can watch magnificent pictures of stars from yachts, beautiful beaches, and luxury resorts. Where exactly do celebrities go to spend their holidays? Let’s find out and maybe plan a trip!

Arab Emirates

The Arab Emirates has long been a popular destination for recreation not only among the stars but also ordinary tourists. The Arab Emirates amaze with a balanced mix of innovative solutions in architecture, interior, information and communication space, and other spheres of life and desert tranquility and naturalness.

Dubai is particularly popular. An incredibly beautiful and rapidly progressing emirate. Here you can find entertainment for every taste – trips, attractions, beach, restaurants, museums, shopping! Whatever your heart desires. However, it is also not the most budget option for a vacation.

Dubai and other emirates are quite affordable destinations for everyone. If you want to go on a full-fledged trip and feel like a real star, think about your vacation in advance: choose a hotel that meets your requirements. Pick up a transport that can take you to all destinations with comfort. In the Arab Emirates, as in most tourist countries, car rental services are very popular. If you are planning a trip to Sharjah, for instance, then it is worth considering the option https://renty.ae/city/sharjah with favorable offers and convenient conditions in this area. So give yourself a lot of time for traveling with comfort with Dubai rent a car.

The option of renting a car is popular and easy to use not only for travelers in the Arab Emirates but in any other tourists’ places on Earth. 

Saint-Barthelemy, France

One of the favorite places for Hollywood stars is the island of Saint Barthelemy. This peninsula really impresses with its beauty, the nature of the surrounding, and the landscapes. But, of course, the island also impresses with prices. On the island of Saint-Barthelemy, you will not find hotels in the category of 4 stars and below. Here are exceptionally expensive, luxurious apartments that not everyone can afford. To get there, you need to sail on a yacht or fly from the mainland on a small local plane. It is not surprising that this island attracts celebrities so much, because here they are practically cut off from the rest of the world, and hence from the ubiquitous photographers.

An interesting fact: in the 50s, David Rockefeller built himself a luxurious mansion on the island, after which many other wealthy people also paid attention to the construction of real estate here. Since then, Saint-Barthelemy has been called the “island of billionaires” and nothing else.

Lake Como, Italy

There is hardly a person among us who has not heard about the beauty of Lake Como. Also, George Clooney has not just heard a lot, but loves Italy and chooses Lake Como and the town of the same name as a vacation destination. Moreover, George Clooney owns two mansions on the lake shore and often invites his star friends to stay there. In addition to George Clooney, the Beckhams, Madonna, Paul McCartney, and Daniel Craig own real estate on Como.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure of traveling comfortably and brightly, like a star! It is not necessary to have millions of dollars on the card to allow yourself comfort!

Photo by Cris Tagupa on Unsplash