In mathematics, the kids are always under the need of performing different kinds of operations like multiplication, subtraction, addition, and division. All these kinds of operations have to be performed by certain rules by following a comprehensive order so that there is no issue at any point in time. PEMDAS rule is one of the best possible rules which is exactly equal to the BODMAS rule and has been considered as the best possible acronym for the following terms:

  • P will stand for parenthesis
  • E will stand for exponents which will be powers and roots
  • M will stand for multiplication
  • D will stand for division
  • A will stand for addition
  • S will stand for subtraction

This particular concept is mainly utilized in the UK as well as India as well as the US. This is the best possible way of ensuring that kids will be able to move in the right direction because they will be following the comprehensive process of dealing with things very perfectly. Following all the above-mentioned points is the best possible way of ensuring that kids will be having a good command over the entire thing very easily and for that, it is very much important for the kids to remember the entire procedure and following are the basic way of dealing with this particular concept:

This is the most common sentence the kids can use to learn this particular sequence very easily and efficiently. Depending on the PEMDAS rule is a very good idea because it will be the best possible way of stating the order of operations which will begin with the pain and this is first and calculation will be enclosed into the brackets. The different kinds of operations can be performed on the exponents and then the kids will be required to indulge in multiplication and division and at the last, they will be undertaking the addition and subtraction systems in the whole process.

  • First of all the kids need to solve the calculation or equation which will be based upon princesses of the brackets like small brackets, curly brackets, or the big brackets.
  • Now the exponential expressions have to be calculated before indulging in multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction
  • After this people need to perform the multiplication or division from left to right whichever will come first in terms of the equation
  • At last, people need to perform addition and subtraction whichever will come first while moving from left to right in the whole process

In Canada, this particular option is also known as BEDMAS which will stand for brackets, exponents, division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction. Although the order has been given a new name to every nation the basic purpose of this particular concept will always remain the same which will be to make the kids very much clear about the basic format to be followed in the whole process of calculating the questions without any kind of problem. In this way, kids will be very much capable of dealing with things very professionally so that they never face any kind of hassle at the time of calculating the questions and solving the answers. Being clear about the order of operations is the key to success so that they never get confused and are very much able to deal with things very easily and efficiently.

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