Business education and personal development significantly impact those looking to achieve important goals while on an entrepreneurial journey. As a successful serial entrepreneur and owner of Unified Growth, a parent company of multiple businesses that specialize in business-related services, such as coaching and personal development, Joshua T. Osborne explains the value of both.

Business Educations Helps Expand Your Knowledge

When Joshua initially decided to start a business from scratch, he didn’t have access to financial assistance or business resources that would get him from one point to the next. Instead, he had to go through trial and error to build a business and market it enough to turn it into a success. “The first business I started was a moving company. I decided to start it from scratch shortly after getting out of prison because I wanted to do more in life and build my legacy. I went through many obstacles, some more challenging than others, and had to learn from mistakes made, but it all worked out in the end. My moving company became the largest moving company in Colorado,” shared Osborne.

Joshua T. Osborne didn’t stop there and eventually started a roofing company and digital marketing agency, both widely successful. At that point, he realized he wanted to share his knowledge with others and decided to create Unified Growth. The courses and programs offered to clients provide the valuable information needed to succeed in business. If entrepreneurs take business education seriously, they’re expanding their knowledge and learning different things that can prevent them from making common mistakes that beginners often make because they don’t know any better.

It’s Important to Become the Best Version of Yourself to Run a Successful Business

While business education is vital because of its power, personal development is equally valuable for anyone thinking about starting a business. When asked for his thoughts on personal development, Joshua T. Osborne said, “Personal development is crucial to the overall success of any business. If you want to run a business, you need to know what you’re capable of doing while working toward becoming the absolute best version of yourself. So many entrepreneurs, like myself, start from the bottom and have to work their way to the top. I know what it’s like to grow up in poverty. If it weren’t for me taking the time to prioritize personal development and growth, I might still be stuck in that same mindset while living the same lifestyle I lived before the success of my businesses.”

Because of his firm belief in the value of business education and personal development, Joshua T. Osborne looks forward to helping entrepreneurs on their unique journeys. Not only does his company provide countless services that clients can use to their advantage, but the team also works closely with each individual to provide the guidance and support needed. In addition, he has a flagship program, BAM University, which has already helped thousands of students create numerous income streams and become high-earners. His goal is to continue working with clients while assisting them to get further in life.