Bottled Water

The trend of using bottled water is on the rise. People think bottled water is safe and buy them spending thousands of dollars. As people are getting this ready and assured by advertisements they go for buying this type of bottled water. However, drinking bottled water is not a wise decision anyway. Be it from an economic point of view or from a health point of view. And when we consider an environmental point of view then we cannot but reject using bottled water. So, it is better we use a water filter instead of buying bottled water. There are many reasons to avoid bottled water. In today’s article, you are going to get a detailed discussion about why you should avoid bottled water. 

Bottled Water Is Highly Priced

The bottled water producers are using people’s health awareness. They are showing that they are producing germ-free, pure drinking water. People are also getting convinced instead of looking at the high price. If you are also one of those, then you are just wasting your money. The manufacturers set the price of bottled water 200 times higher than the cost. 

Some Are Not Pure at All

Not all companies are selling 100% pure water. Some of them are selling tap water. We all know that tap water contains different kinds of contaminants. Only a water filter can remove these from water. So, buying bottled water will be risky for you. 

Bottle Harms the Environment

Our earth cannot consume plastics. Most people throw the bottle away after using the bottle. As a result, these bottles go to rivers, oceans, etc. Therefore the environmental balance gets destroyed. Not only the environment but also the body can get harmed by plastic bottles. 

Not Suitable for Drinking

As the water remains in the plastic bottle for a long time, it becomes undrinkable. Especially for the child, the water becomes really harmful. Most plastics drain synthetics into our fluids; drinking filtered water regularly expands our opportunity of compound openness. 

Does Not Taste Good

Bottled water has a pungent taste. It does not feel good to drink bottled water. The water from the tubewell has a great taste, even the water we drink after heating has a better taste than bottled water. 

Waste of Resources

Buying bottled water is just a waste of money, health, and many more. In addition to the fact that plastic is produced using oil, it takes oil to the bottle, transport, chill, and boat. As per Back to the Tap, “the measure of oil we use to deliver water bottles every year (17 million barrels) could fuel more than 1,000,000 vehicles for a whole year.”

Cannot Be Recycled

Plastics are substances that no technology can make mix with the soil. Nor it can get reused.  As per Ban the Bottle, “Albeit the measure of plastic containers reused in the U.S. has developed each year since 1990, the genuine reusing rate stays consistent at around 27 percent.” And imagine a scenario in which you live in a zone that doesn’t have essential reusing offices. If the offices exist, 4 billion contains end in our waste stream every year. That is A LOT of superfluous plastic.

The Cost

The overall cost of plastic bottles is huge. It is more than many country’s total GDP. Yes, I am talking about the plastic consumption costs in the USA. Americans spend around 4 billion dollars on filtered water in one year, and numerous figures express that filtered water is around multiple times the cost of faucet water. What number of economical products and ventures could be bought with that measure of cash?


The companies are convincing the buyers saying that the bottled water is the most convenient medium for drinking water. You can take it anywhere. This is the main explanation referred to by customers regarding why they buy filtered water. However, is filtered water significantly more helpful? We presumably all live in houses with water fixtures and work in workplaces with admittance to a restroom, if not a kitchen. How troublesome is it to just outfit and stroll to the restroom or kitchen? For those of you that grumble that it’s too difficult to even think about recollecting a reusable water bottle or a mug, just keep one in every area.

Last but Not the Least

Many people claim that there is no alternative to bottled water. However, you have better options obviously. You can rely on high-quality filters. A water filter will give you 100% pure water but cost you less. Apparently, it may seem a little costlier than the bottled water, but soon after using it, you will understand the real fact.

Buying into the Lie. Nearly 1/3 of all bottled water comes from municipal taps across the country, which is then shipped across the country and across the world (see stats above for oil usage!). Many companies have been cited for misleading consumers with their labels featuring mountain streams and glacial lakes, when in fact the water come from tap water in various states. Even worse, sometimes the water is treated, sometimes it’s not. CRAZINESS, right?