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Hold the front page! Al Pacino and Noor Alfallah are writing their own love narrative, proving to the world that love knows no bounds and, evidently, no end.

Rumors were swirling, whispers were making rounds, but this dynamic duo is setting the record straight. It’s time to debunk those breakup rumors, as Al Pacino and Noor Alfallah paint the town red, one sweet moment at a time.

Contrary to the gossip mill, these lovebirds are flying high, showcasing a relationship that is not only solid but also steeped in mutual respect and affection. In a fresh statement released on Thursday, it was revealed that “Al and Noor have successfully blended their worlds, uniting over the joyous responsibility of nurturing their son, Roman. They are unequivocally together, nurturing a love that’s blossoming beautifully.”

Recent reports have highlighted the couple’s decision to formalize a custody agreement concerning their adorable son, Roman, who has just entered his third month in this world. But that’s merely a sign of mature, responsible parenting, isn’t it?

And guess what? This Wednesday saw them indulging in a romantic dinner at Los Angeles’ famous hotspot, Chateau Marmont. A reliable source relayed that their chemistry was palpable as they arrived and dined in harmony, dispelling all separation rumors.

If you need further proof, look no further than Noor’s heartfelt Instagram post last week, where she declared baby Roman as “My whole heart and the greatest blessing in my life.”

This budding romance, which blossomed in April 2022, has seen Noor, 29, and Al, 83, navigating their love journey with grace and panache. Despite the buzz, they’ve managed to nurture a quietly growing love since the onset of the pandemic. By May, the whispers were confirmed – they were ecstatically awaiting their first child together, a milestone moment for the Oscar winner.

A close confidant assured that the couple’s age gap is hardly a stumbling block. “They’re absolutely smitten, finding common ground in the glamorous labyrinth of the entertainment industry,” the source noted.

While they prefer to keep their romance under wraps, Alfallah couldn’t help but occasionally share snippets of their precious moments. Like when she enthusiastically urged her followers to visit an art exhibit, giving us a glimpse of the couple enjoying a cultural outing, happily posing alongside the artist at the gallery on April 20th.