Photo: Gilbert Flores/Variety Via Getty Images

Been keeping tabs on Olivia Rodrigo’s style game? Well, it’s on fire! Amidst the buzz of dropping what’s arguably the year’s best revenge album, Olivia’s fashion moves are making just as loud a statement. From setting trends (yes, we’re looking at that underwear-outside vibe) to embracing seasonal favorites, this pop sensation is undoubtedly a trendsetter.

This Monday, Olivia gave us a sneak peek into her Tokyo escapade. Thanks to an Instagram photo spree, fans got a front-row seat to her flaunting a radiant white tube dress splashed with bright, cherry-red hearts. This playful midi, aside from turning heads with its strapless design, also sported a high slit and an endearing bow accent up front. Olivia’s choice of accessories? Simply a smattering of rings and sleek black mule kitten heels.

Olivia Rodrigo Tokyo Streets Meet Heartbeats
Photo: Olivia Rodrigo/Instagram

Her beauty game was on point as always: sleek jet-black hair parted down the middle, elegantly tucked behind her ears. And her makeup? Classic Rodrigo – striking red lips, blushed cheeks, and a hint of winged eyeliner to tie it all together.

“i ❤️ tokyo,” Olivia captioned, and the accompanying photos said as much: from adorable erasers resembling Japanese confections to her savoring a bowl of noodles. Another shot revealed a wardrobe switch – swapping the heart-printed dress for a timeless beige trench coat, paired with a white tank top, black trousers, and those familiar black Sambas.

Olivia Rodrigo Tokyo Streets
Photo: Olivia Rodrigo/Instagram

A quick flashback: earlier this month, Olivia made waves at the release party for her second album, GUTS. Donning a vintage masterpiece from Todd Oldham’s 1995 spring collection, she paid homage to iconic models Amber Valletta and Shalom Harlow. Merging the best of both – Harlow’s white satin cropped button-up and Valletta’s shimmering micro-miniskirt, she crafted a look that was nothing short of iconic.