If you’re looking for dental treatment in a big city such as Melbourne, Australia, you probably have a wealth of options to choose from. Cosmetic dentistry is growing rapidly as an industry. As a result, more professionals than ever want to sit down and talk teeth with people who want to improve their smiles.

Dr. Minoo Ghamari, who only moved to Australia in 2013 with her mother, has become one of the first to shed light on the reality of dental treatment, including all its less marketable drawbacks. She has done so in one of her fields of expertise—veneers—as she believes patient transparency is the future of dentistry.

It’s important to note the following are only possible risks, specifically surrounding porcelain veneers. In taking on the slight possibility of adverse effects, patients of Gorgeous Smiles and other clinics can seize the opportunity to become more confident in their self-image.

1. Gum shrinkage

Understanding gum shrinkage is important. Not just if you’re thinking of getting veneers but also during your usual hygiene routine.

When people think of dental health, teeth often spring to mind. But Dr. Minoo Ghamari knows from her work that the gums are just as important.

For example, your new veneers may not live up to their full potential if you’re experiencing gum shrinkage. Common contributors to recession include aging and brushing too hard. Ghamari wants to ensure her patients in Melbourne understand how their veneers could look on their own gumline before investing as part of her commitment to transparency.

2. Temperature sensitivity

It sounds scientific and complicated, but in reality, most of us will have experienced temperature sensitivity in our teeth at some point in our lives. Ever accidentally bitten an ice cube and felt a sharp cooling sensation? Fortunately, the sensitivity that can result from veneers similarly doesn’t last very long.

“Your teeth might get sensitive as some enamel has been polished off in the process of veneer preparation,” Ghamari explained. “But good news! This sensitivity usually subsides over time.”

Simply being informed by a dentist like Ghamari of the chance of sensitivity before your procedure will alleviate anxiety if it happens. Remember, the sensation likely won’t last forever, but your smile might!

3. Tooth death

The ultimate test of dental integrity is being honest about the risks of veneers, however scary they might sound at first.

Naturally, the drilling involved in getting them runs a very small risk of trauma to a nerve. This process can cause your tooth to lose its blood supply and die.

Dr. Minoo Ghamari is passionate about making this possibility clear to patients for one reason: preparation. If the patient and the dentist adequately prepare for veneers, the risk of tooth death is extremely low. 

Ghamari’s closing message is to always consult a reputable and qualified health professional’s opinion before having dental veneers done.