Photo: Dave Benett/Getty Images For Elle Style Awards 2023

Florence Pugh is rewriting fashion rules, proving that wearing white after Labor Day can indeed make a striking statement, especially when it’s donned to grace a red carpet event. The icon of style chose the perfect occasion to demonstrate this, the Elle Style Awards at The Old Sessions House in London, where she was honored with the British Icon Award.

Pugh dazzled the attendees in a sheer, ethereal Alexander McQueen gown, which boasted a dramatic train and a graceful halter neckline. The ensemble encapsulated the essence of a punk-rock princess bride, blending an edgy, modern sensibility with classic, royal undertones. This marriage of styles mirrors Pugh’s renowned fashion ethos, characterized by a seamless blend of the rebellious and the regal.

Enhancing the intricacy of the gown, which features a low dip at the back and floral lace details set against a point d’esprit backdrop, was Pugh’s spiky, bleached hair. The recently grown-out buzz cut perfectly complemented the outfit, adding a layer of bold punk aesthetics to the dreamy attire. Pugh opted for a light and bronzy makeup palette, allowing her dramatic hairstyle and the rich texture of the gown to capture the limelight.

Elle Style Awards 2023
Photo: Dave Benett/Getty Images For Elle Style Awards 2023

To complete her groundbreaking look, Pugh selected blue nail polish, boldly juxtaposing with the pristine white of her dress. A string of pearl earrings adorned her ears, a choice she explained to Elle on the red carpet, was inspired by her short hair, which naturally accentuates bold jewelry pieces.

During a pre-event chat with Elle, Pugh candidly discussed the public’s fixation on her body, particularly her nipples, an issue that baffled the star. She expressed her bafflement over the unnecessary scrutiny, emphasizing her desire to promote body positivity and acceptance through her fashion choices.

“I speak openly about my body because I refuse to mask the natural aspects of it, be it the cellulite on my thigh or the flesh between my arm and boob,” she remarked. “Unfortunately, there have been times when my transparency has stirred controversy, as was the case with the Valentino pink dress episode last year. The mere glimpse of my nipples through the fabric seemed to infuriate many, a reaction I find quite perplexing.”